The tiny house features a one-of-a-kind living area.

The tiny house features a one-of-a-kind living area. This one-of-a-kind website has an appearance that is entirely unique in comparison to anything else that can be seen on the web nowadays.




Before it was lovingly transformed into a haven for the creative process, this deliciously one-of-a-kind weekend getaway was actually an artist’s studio.

Now, it serves as a retreat for those who are engaged in the creative process.

Because of its location in the Noosa hinterland and its proximity to Mount Eeerwah, the hideaway has a spectacular view of the mountain, which helps to distinguish it as a unique house.

Some of the distinguishing aspects of the residence include an outdoor wood-fired clawfoot bath, a shower with exposed copper pipes, and rafters that are wrapped in vines.

We had a wonderful time during our stay at this Airbnb, which was not only beautiful but also concerned with protecting the environment.

The environment was calm and soothing, which made us feel as though we were right at home, and the setting was really stunning.

Because of how comfortable the accommodations were, we chose to extend our trip by three more nights than we had originally planned.

James is a wonderful host because he is extremely kind, warm, and hospitable, and he is also good in the art of communication.

These qualities combine to make James a great host.

You may count on us to make another reservation at this institution in the event that we decide to visit it again in the future.

The modest house is a short distance from the beach.




The quaint house is only a few steps away from the beach.

Tiny Home is the ideal romantic getaway and is equally suited to individuals wishing to unwind at the beach and restore wellbeing in nature. Dean and Lucy would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our Tiny Home, which is the ideal romantic getaway.

Having a location that is only three streets away from Coolum’s Main beach, a beach that welcomes dogs and is watched over by lifeguards, assures that you will be able to swim in the ocean or enjoy the waves in complete safety.

Your stay at this location in the heart of central Coolum will not require the use of a vehicle in any way.

It takes only ten minutes to go to the airport from this location, which is convenient because the shopping district, supermarkets, gas stations, and lively cafes and restaurants in Coolum are all within easy walking distance.

The Tiny Home may be found in the back of our historic beach hut, in the corner that looks out into a coastal preserve.

Those who are interested in experiencing authentic life in a tiny house might want to indulge their curiosity while also having a good time.

The cabin is completely self-sufficient and equipped with a regular toilet. Wi-Fi and cable television are offered, and the hotel welcomes cats and dogs as long as they weigh less than 15 kilograms and are kept indoors.

We do our best to keep the noise to a minimum, but because this is a suburban block, there may be some background noise from time to time. In the event that there is noise, our friendly indoor dog may bark happily when new guests arrive.

We are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors, and we ask that any visitors to our home treat those who live nearby with consideration.

The view of the ocean from the top of the trees




The view of the ocean that can be experienced from the tops of the trees is an ethereal experience that completely immerses one in the magnificence and majesty of nature. This view also allows one to feel completely at one with the natural world.

As you make your way up the treacherous slopes of the forest, you start to experience an intense sense of anticipation, and when you finally emerge from the canopy of the trees, you are welcomed by a breathtaking scene to take in.

From this one-of-a-kind vantage position, you will have an unrivaled view of the limitless expanse of blue, which will be accentuated by the undulating waves and gentle crests of the lake below.

The salty air that brushes your skin adds still another level to the sensory experience, carrying with it the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

This one-of-a-kind vantage point not only offers a breathtaking and tranquil escape, but it also offers.

Additionally, it reinforces your connection with the interconnections of the natural world and brings to mind the immense force and expanse of the ocean, all of which bring you closer to nature. Additionally, it comes to mind the ocean’s vastness, which also pulls you closer to nature.

The small house that is located next to the lake




The quaint little house is located close to the lake, and our property is situated in the ideal spot along the serene shores of Lake Weyba.

You can reach the lake and the walking trails beyond it with just a quick walk from your cottage. Only a 15-minute drive will get you to Noosa, or you can head to the stunning Peregian Beach in just 5 minutes.

The ideal place for you to escape the hectic lifestyle of the city and unwind in a setting where you can do as little or as much as you like to fill your time.

Every one of our 8 cottages is a unique work of handicraft and features fresh interior design. The Cosy Spa Cottage is equipped with a queen bed, a double spa bath, and a wood burning stove, making it the ideal place for a couple to come away for some quality time together.

The home was stunning and immaculate, and it featured all of the conveniences that we required. The great finishing touch was the jacuzzi tub with a view of the yard.

There was such a wide variety of entertainment options available on the premises; we had a wonderful time paddling about the lake in the kayaks and paddle boards, watching movies and playing games, and simply unwinding in the beautiful gardens.

Our stay at this establishment was truly enchanted. We took a warm bath, started a fire, and listened to the sounds of the local fauna. Totally incredible.

The Guest Lodge was a brilliant concept for providing guests with a place to rent bikes and board games, as well as purchase refreshments and snacks. Would go back there without a doubt sometime in the future.

The small house is on its own piece of land.




When you get there, your private piece of land will be waiting for you. Here is the living room, the bedroom with a queen bed, the outhouse with a shower, sink, and composting toilet, the place to cook outside, and yard seating.

The  mountain views beyond the picture window that frames your desk. People often lose track of time as they look away from the 10,000-foot top of Mt. San Jacinto and toward the bird feeder a few feet away.

From the toilet and bathroom, you can see beautiful views. You can sit back and stare through the top of a Dutch door while you’re on the toilet. As you scrub yourself clean in the shower, you can see the valley 1,000 feet below. It’s a nice spot to think.

This area is a small retreat located down the hill from the cabins. It has a small path, plants, and cacti where you can sit. We hope that everyone who spends time there feels calm.

A simple place where the main goal is to unwind. Everything about the building was based on the idea that it will be worth it to lie in bed and look out a picture window at your feet.

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