The Super Amazing DIY Tiny House

In this episode, we will see an Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House on Wheels

This tiny house was built by a young woman who has turned her love of woodworking into the ultimate accomplishment, building her very own home after falling in love with the idea of a tiny house on wheels.

The Exterior

This tiny house is about two point four meters by four point eight meters but it’s quite the tallest three point eight meters off the ground.

The exterior of this tiny house is pretty cool the roof is perfect the door and windows are gorgeous and the wood trim is very nice so this young woman is very talented.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is very charming the ceiling is very tall it’s quite high it’s an open-concept design.

This is your living room space you got a little couch on this side, with these pillows it’s a comfortable space there is some storage underneath and then your fireplace it’s very important it makes this tiny house feel cozy and warm.

The Kitchen

This is your full-size kitchen space there is an L-shaped countertop space next to the wall so you got a sink right here and your stovetop and some knife here.

These windows bring too much sunlight in and there are tons of cabinets and storage underneath this countertop space so you can store tons of things here.

The Bathroom

The first section of this bathroom space is your tub area it’s super cool and right behind this is your toilet it’s a composting toilet.

The Loft

This loft space is pretty cool there is a king-size mattress right in the middle with some pillows and on the bedhead, you got a low window as well to overlook the outside and let sunlight in.

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