The stunning National Park A-frame

The breathtaking A-frame structure of National Park, The cabin is quite adorable, and the beds inside are very pleasant. The property features a restaurant that is quite functional, and the caretakers are warm and welcoming.




Because of its proximity to the freeway, the location can get quite loud. nothing of interest to do in the neighborhood at all. Our host took us on a jeep safari that was significantly more affordable than those offered by other companies. quite useful.


The home is stunning, and it has been kept in pristine condition. Both the one-of-a-kind architecture of our cottage and the exceptional level of comfort it provided were huge draws for us.


The beautiful National Park A-Frame is an architectural wonder that is tucked among the scenic nature. The A-Frame is a national landmark.


Create a one-of-a-kind and harmonious refuge for people who are interested in nature with this sleek and contemporary style that merges in perfectly with the natural beauty of the area.


This stunning A-Frame building features panoramic windows that reach from floor to ceiling and offer unobstructed views of the surrounding lush forests and majestic mountains.


The A-Frame seamlessly pulls the outdoors inside, letting guests to immerse themselves in the peace and quiet of the beautiful surroundings. With a seemingly endless expanse of sky above, the A-Frame features a vaulted ceiling that allows natural light to flood the space.


This National Park A-Frame guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests right in the thick of nature, regardless of whether they are looking for a quiet retreat or an exciting adventure.

The A-frame is a beautiful structure.





The A-frame is a beautiful structure. It has sufficient space for people to congregate there in ease, be they friends or relatives.


Due to the location of the home in the middle of the forest, there are occasions when insects can be found inside. Even though we apply pest control products each and every time we clean the house, there is a significant rise in the number of millipedes, and this rise is most noticeable during the rainy season.


This is the place to go if you have a passion for billiards. Even taking into account the location, there were a significant number of insects present at levels that were marginally above what was considered acceptable. If you have an extreme aversion to insects, it is probably best to search elsewhere.


We had trouble locating the location, and the host did not respond to our inquiry about whether or not there was parking available.


The cabin needed a good cleaning. The dirt had turned the flooring a grayish tone, and it was clear that they hadn’t been mopped recently.


It should be included in the listing that there are geckos and bugs. In the short amount of time that we were there, we noticed several people inside. Unfortunately, it was so terrible, and we weren’t getting a response from the hosts, that we ended up not staying there at all, and we had to hire another Air B&B at the last minute instead.


This is in no way what we had envisioned doing at all. A great deal of discontentment. Initial less than ideal experience with Air B&B


When we arrived, the pool table was filthy and had stains all over it. Both the table and the floor are at an angle. There is no triangle.


It appears that there is mold growing on the ceiling of the shower. The outdoor barbecue was ridiculously undersized and not at all what I had anticipated.


Although there was a fan, the air conditioning didn’t appear to function very well, and the inside air was rather muggy.

The log cabin with the A-frame out in the woods




The Aikya Farm is discretely nestled away in the middle of the surrounding vegetation. Put the commotion of the city behind you and take in the peace and quiet of the surrounding environment.


Only 25 kilometers separate it from MG Road, and it’s only 5 kilometers from the Kengeri bus stop.


Those birds always sing in tune, so their tunes are always perfect. The stories that never end that you tell one another while watching the fireflies dance for you.


When you wake up in the loft section of this A-frame cabin in the woods, the view of the surrounding tall trees is the most enjoyable aspect of the cottage.


The outdoor event space, seats for guests, and dining area, all of which are able to accommodate a large gathering of people in a comfortable manner.


The home’s interior features contribute to a level of comfort that is satisfactory for most people. The property has a lot of potential to do various outdoor activities, however the areas that could be used for those activities are not very well maintained.


During my visit, the host was very quick to respond to any concerns or queries I had and made every effort to be as accommodating as possible.


The location is enormous and includes a house in the shape of a triangle with two sleeping areas (three queen beds), as well as two separate cabins, each of which contains two double beds, for a total of seven double beds.


There was a microwave and an induction cooker in the kitchen, but they were both on the small side. There were not many pastimes available for children, such as a Machan or a rope bed.

The A-frame is a good area to hang out.




This A-frame is situated in an area of stunning natural beauty. Beautiful and comfortable home.


We were blown away by the warmth and tidiness of this house. The patio was fantastic; every night we sat by the fire and grilled some meat.


We were in awe of the location’s natural beauty. You should know that there are two dogs residing in the garden if you have a fear of canines.


The space was tidy and neat. The hair dryer, additional rolls of toilet paper, and trash can have gone missing.


This location is quite charming.


A wastebasket and some high-quality pots are all that’s missing. Home cooking is a lot of work.


The scenery in the frame is beautiful, and the setting is quite secure. In addition to your cottage, there are no other structures on the land.


You may relax outside in the dark and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature thanks to the deck lighting and candles placed near the fireplace.


It’s a lovely, secluded spot to relax in peace. The Soviet bathhouses in Tskaltubo are now abandoned but nevertheless worth a look.


The area around Kutaissi is stunning, making it the perfect spot for some R&R. We had a great time around the campfire and on the magnificent terrace.

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