The stunning log cabin with views of the mountains

At Eagle’s Nest Cabins, “Talon” is one of three quaint and comfortable cabins located in a park-like setting on Boletus Creek that spans 2 acres.



This little cabin has a sense of old-timey ambiance while yet incorporating contemporary touches; as a result, it provides the utmost in comfort, cleanliness, and relaxation.


The downstairs unit features a living room with a fireplace, a dining table, a kitchen, a bedroom with a king bed, and a full bathroom. The upper floor features a complete bathroom, an open floor design, and two bedrooms with one queen bed and two full beds, making it ideal for children, young adults, or those who prefer to have less privacy.


The location is just stunning. We all appreciated being in an environment rich in vegetation, water, and natural elements.


The Cabin exudes warmth and coziness throughout its entirety. There is everything that one would require in order to relax here.


Excellent place to stay and soak in the natural beauty of the area. There are a lot of walks, and the scenery and fauna are both stunning. It was cozy, it felt like home, and it had everything we required.


The distance between the cabin and the major road in the area was measured in feet, and the entire property was located next to a fire station, which meant that there was a chance that there would be a lot of noise whenever the firefighters were cleaning or otherwise working on the apparatus.


We had a great time unwinding on the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. It truly is a lovely scene up there.


This is a stunning piece of real estate! The owner was really easy to communicate with, and the place was spotless when we arrived.


The cabin is fantastic in every way! The kitchen provided all that was necessary for our breakfast and dinner preparations.

The spacious and cozy cabin offers a lot of room.



The Wildflower Retreat is one of the few places in Greer where you can easily host your entire party in one spot, but if you are seeking for a setting that can accommodate such a gathering, you should absolutely give it some consideration.


You have the option of additionally including the Bungalow, which is located on the lower level, in addition to the main cabin, which is located on the upper level. The main cabin is located on the upper level.




This location could not have been more ideal in any aspect! Elk were grazing in the open when we arrived in the late afternoon, and there were still some of them there when we arrived.


Position geographically speaking that is astonishingly advantageous! We put off making our reservation until the very last possible moment; however, you were quite helpful to us throughout the entire process.




When there were any questions regarding the stay, the host responded quickly and was really helpful in answering those inquiries.




The location is highly productive, spotless, and cozy, and it offers stunning views as well as accessible access to Sunrise and the hiking routes in the mountains that are located in the surrounding area. Sunrise is a beautiful place, and the hiking trails in the neighboring mountains are beautiful as well.




We knew that spending a few nights in a house that was shared by a family with small children who were always running around would be difficult, but at least the children went to bed at a normal hour for them.

A cute little log cabin in the woods



There is nothing more endearing than a quaint and cozy cabin nestled in the forest.


The front door, where you will discover a dining table, a mini bar set, a newly remodeled kitchen, and a wood burning stove. The proprietors have given it the nickname “Honey Hut,” and not without reason.


We had a wonderful time at the Los Osos cottage in the Moonridge area during our vacation. A really peaceful residential area.


The spacious front deck was where we spent the majority of our time together. We were able to hear the wind blowing through the trees. A real delight for those of us who live in the suburbs.


It would appear that Holly and the owner did not communicate effectively with one another.


When we arrived, there were neither sheets nor towels available. We got in touch with Holly.


The cottage was adorable on the inside, and it had all of the conveniences that we needed, so we had a wonderful time there.


Because we were there to escape the pressures of our everyday lives, the jacuzzi was an absolute necessity for us.


This cabin is quite charming, and the jacuzzi was in pristine condition and very well maintained.


This cottage was picture-perfect in every way. It was a lovely experience to stare at the stars while sitting in the hot tub.


It is the ideal location, situated just outside of Big Bear Village and providing a peaceful environment while still being within walking distance of the village and all of its restaurants and shops.


The log cabin with a fire place



Get yourself the gift of an action-packed mountain getaway by booking this South Lake Tahoe home for your next vacation.


Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a bright and airy main living area with wooden accents and the warm glow of a wood-burning stove.


The open kitchen has bespoke stone counters, stainless steel equipment, and a dishwasher for when it’s too frigid to cook outside.


After a satisfying meal at the standard dining room table, you and your fellow travelers could have a great time playing one of the provided board games.


This location is about 9 kilometers from Lake Tahoe, so keep that in mind if you plan on visiting the lake during your stay.


This room is wonderful for hosting large gatherings like ours because of its cozy atmosphere. Bear country is nearby, and so are other natural locations.


This place was so stunning, it made for a fantastic vacation for my family. It was incredible to see black bears just outside our window when we got up in the morning.


In this wonderful property, we enjoyed barbecuing on the deck, playing board games, and sleeping soundly after a day at the beach.


Everything one could hope for in a relaxing holiday spot, the setting is wonderful.

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