The structure treehouse located in the heart of the forest

The degree to which the treehouse was shrouded in darkness was the one thing that took me by surprise. A truly remarkable location. Cosy. Straight to the point. Wonderfully limited. A truly unforgettable vacation spot. Excellent service.



The cutest way to have breakfast brought to you is in a robe-covered basket that you have to pull up with. A secluded and quiet site right on the river, complete with rowboats and canoes for your use. It is a confined space.

 That was fantastic, and it’s helpful to know. Additionally: in order to go to the cottage and park the automobile close by

A few of years ago, my brother and his wife were the lucky recipients of this room, which had previously been occupied by my family.

The stay itself has been an enjoyable experience overall. However, the temperature dropped to 0 degrees the night we spent there, and the cabin was chilly as a result. Regardless, it is warm and inviting due to the fireplace and the furnishings within the cabin.

 The environment is quite calm and serene. Calmness can be found when one faces the river while sitting at the campfire.

 It is in a remote spot adjacent to the river, and the journey there in and of itself is an enjoyable experience in and of itself.

This tree house is the most adorable natural enclave you could ever want to own. Damien is incredibly kind, and the tree home has everything you could possibly need to have the most enjoyable time there.

The treehouse is a stunning and enchanted location to spend time in. Both the house and the environment were perfect in every way for us.

The treehouse is in the forest of Smaland.



A one-of-a-kind residence that is quiet and serene, nestled in the heart of the forest.

You will have wildlife, birds, and other elements of nature for neighbors when you make your home in this recently constructed treehouse that is perched high in the canopy of the forest.

The level of noise is low, there is an aroma of pine trees, and the air is fresh.

The house is insulated with the wood shavings that were removed from the floors and walls during construction. The wood used to build the house comes from the same forest as the building.

This is a property that is not connected to any public utilities, so there is no electricity or running water here. We shall get you some cans of drinking water at your earliest convenience.

 The treehouse is a truly enchanted location thanks to its location in the midst of a serene and picturesque forest.

This location was totally awesome! Our wish list was never complete without a night spent in a treehouse, and we were finally able to cross that one off!

 The tree house that Emil built himself is a wonderful location to unwind and get some peace and quiet. It is clean, has enough space, is adequately warm, and those chairs are green.

The vista of the forest is beautiful, and we kept looking into the distance, hoping to spot a moose or a deer hiding in the foliage.

 In addition, the woodlands that surround the area are very picturesque. Emil and his family are wonderful people who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The Treehouse at Blackcurrant



A unique opportunity for relaxation awaits you in the cabin in the woods. You will have access to a panoramic patio that offers views of the Cap Canaille as well as its vines.

The treehouse has a very comfy 140-centimeter bed, and most importantly, complete peace and quiet!

It is a haven for those in love and a place of enchantment for those out hiking. You are greeted with the enchanting sound of birdsong when you wake up in the morning, and the cabin is equipped with a refrigerator so you may have cold beverages.

A big platform that is suspended from the trees and is supported by stilts serves as the foundation for the cabin.

The hut is hidden away in the sheep pastures. During the winter months, it will give you a natural softness, and during the summer months, it will give you a freshness.

The pool is great, and we had a wonderful experience overall throughout our visit; we look forward to returning in the near future.

The outside area was just right for enjoying a drink of wine and going for a swim at the same time.

The pool and the outside seating area are also magnificent in their own right.

 Despite the fact that it is a tree house, the accommodations in the tree house were ideal.

The location was pleasant and somewhat unique. However, the host’s failure to keep us informed about what was going on was the root cause of the problems we had.

The treehouse is extraordinarily spacious and cozy.



The loft in the tree Spend a weekend of romance in our Primrose Wagon (small home 4) tiny homes, which are positioned such that they overlook the treehouse and are surrounded by walnut trees.

The interiors of each of our mobile homes provide a high level of luxury, including a king-sized bed with a view of the surrounding landscape, an LED light system that includes a relax setting, infrared heating, and its own private bathroom.

A large treehouse serves as the focal point of the community, which also includes a common bathroom with a shower and a cozy kitchenette for making tea.

 The treehouse was very amazing, but the little house was great as well. The bed was beautiful and spacious, and both of the treehouse’s hammocks offered unmatched levels of coziness and relaxation.

 The ideal vantage point from which to take in the evening sky. Squirrels would visit us on the roof and in the treehouse on occasion, and it was always a treat to see them.

 Due to the fact that the communal kitchen is not very well stocked, guests are encouraged to bring their own utensils, plates, and, most importantly, culinary essentials.

The neighborhood is very green and quite stylish, making it ideal for those who wish to escape the stress of day-to-day life. The location is the perfect place for a tranquil holiday.

The eco community is a nice spot to stay when there is nice weather when it is pleasant outside. When it’s chilly outside, the communal kitchen may be quite unpleasant to spend time in.

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