The small cabin is in close proximity to the ocean.

This cabin has a really relaxing atmosphere, and there is a hammock on the balcony. Relax with a glass of wine or a fresh tropical fruit drink while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Phang-Nga Bay from our platform that extends out over the water.





A quaint hut in the middle of the ocean, where one can drift off to sleep to the sound of the surf and spend the day dozing.


The location was one that held a lot of anticipation for us. Unfortuitously, a construction site was located just next to our bungalow.


The food at the restaurant is excellent, and the rental bikes were just what we needed to get around the island. Excellent stay!


Our vacation was wonderful, and we were made to feel extremely welcome by the staff at all times. Everything was spotless and lived up to its description and accompanying images.


Because there are so many high steps, you shouldn’t feel restricted in the way that you move.


The view that could be had from the hammocks, as well as the sound of the ocean while one was sleeping, was truly one of a kind.


We took advantage of the free motorcycles and enjoyed our time exploring the island.


The restaurant offered excellent fresh and varied fare at reasonable prices, making it difficult to find a comparable option in the surrounding area. The cuisine was quite tasty. They provide food throughout the day, beginning with breakfast and ending with cocktails in the evening.


We wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourist, yet the island still offered a variety of activities.


The restaurant offers beverages and foods that are deciduous. Wonderful hosts, both pleasant and helpful.


The island, as opposed to the mainland, provides visitors with the opportunity to experience Thailand in a more genuine light.

The Adorable Little Home Cabin That You Can Stay In




We are a small, private resort that consists of only four villas and is hidden away about a minute and a half from the beach.


We are able to provide food for those adhering to any diet, including vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as other diets.


As a result of the fact that we have only just recently finished the process of constructing our new home, the gardens are just now starting to mature, and we are currently working on a few different things.


A hospitable and beguiling hotel or vacation resort. A residence that is exceptionally cozy and warmly inviting.


The one and only thing that has to be taken into consideration is the fact that the specific location that I was provided with after clicking the option that said “how to get there” was not true.


The NEW Guest Kitchen facilities, in particular the coffee machine, made my extended stay a lot more enjoyable for me, and I really appreciated it.


The environment is adorably cute, immaculate, and welcoming all at the same time!


The host is really nice, and the location couldn’t be more picturesque; you won’t want to leave! The area has been cleaned with great attention to detail.


The beach is easily accessible on foot and may be reached in a short amount of time. If you do not have access to a method of transportation that you can use on your own, getting meals can prove to be difficult for you.


There is love in the tiny home house.




The bungalows are quaint, have excellent upkeep, are spotless, and are located in a particularly picturesque position on the east coast. The only drawbacks are the location (some of the bungalows are right next to a somewhat busy street), as well as the limited size of the mosquito net.


This location is top-notch in every way! The site was absolutely stunning, the food was delicious, and the personnel was outstanding.


The home is placed very close to the water, and there are comfortable benches scattered throughout the yard from which to take in the scenery.


The location itself was really neat and orderly. It is highly recommended that you bring insect repellent for the evenings.


The view from my small bangalow was a masterpiece, and the warmth shown to us by the entire crew made our stay quite memorable. Heaven on earth!


The primary male receptionist is a really pleasant and helpful individual. Excellent laundry service, and renting scooters is a breeze at this hotel.


The property itself, as well as the many restaurants, massage parlors, and places to rent bicycles and kayaks can be reached on foot in a matter of minutes.


The bungalows were of excellent quality. When it came to scheduling transportation to and from the bungalows, Emanuela and the staff were of great assistance.


The fact that there were activities such as boat rides and scooter rentals available was another huge plus.


The room had no frills other than some lovely decorations, but it was clean, and the fan helped keep us cool throughout the night. Make sure there are no gaps in the mosquito net!

The Secluded Beachfront Paradise of Your Own Cabin




Our very own warm and inviting home away from home is the Pondok @ Siru.


We have built this cabin to the standards of a comfortable stay that we would expect for ourselves, and we are glad to share our space with you.


A Secluded Paradise of Your Very Own, Tucked Away on the Acreage That You Own.


This cabin offers plenty of space and seclusion for a holiday with a couple or a small family. I promise to come back the next time. The atmosphere, the nature, and the beach have all lived up to my expectations.


A welcoming environment for those traveling with family and friends. She was a really kind owner, and she prepared mosquito repellent lotion in individual packets for each guest.


The homestay had a lot of space, and it was very clean and organized. It has a huge bed, a couch bed, a refrigerator, a kitchen, and a barbecue pit. Additionally, it is nicely furnished with the required facilities. Appropriate for intimate get-togethers with close family.


The beach is kept in excellent condition, and the scenery is beautiful.At The Pondok Siru, we had a wonderful time during our stay.


The location is breathtaking, and if you’re fortunate, you’ll get the campground or tent all to yourself because there aren’t any other visitors scheduled there.


The trip is more than justified by the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding landscape that may be enjoyed at midnight during a full moon.


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