The Senator Log Cabin Relax In Pure Comfort And Beautiful

The Senator log cabin features both an attractive and practical basic floor plan, making it one of the best options available.


It features classic walls of windows that are situated next to chimneys that contain fireplaces that are ideal for spending evenings relaxing inside the home, as well as porches that go around the entire house and completely encircle it.

Whether you are building a retirement home or looking for a location to get away from it all, this log cabin would be a wonderful choice for your next construction project and would provide you with an outstanding option.

About The Log Cabin

Even though the location of the property is one of the key selling aspects for me, the quality of the property itself is outstanding.

Your living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open to one another on the main floor, creating a spacious and airy living environment.


In addition, there is one bedroom and one bathroom located on this floor of the house. In addition to a walkout basement, the upper level of the building contains additional living space.

The Front Porch

Of course, porches that wrap completely around a log cabin are tough to miss, especially if they have seating areas. This nice broad porch offers plenty of room for seating options such as rocking rockers, a porch swing, and even a bistro set if one so desires.

It is partially covered in roofing and extends around the front, side, and back of the log cabin.


We enjoy any home that has a front porch that is spacious enough for rocking chairs, but our all-time favorite type of home is a log cabin. As was to be expected, the Senator gave a strong performance.

The Living Area

On the main floor of this home, you will find large spaces that are open to one another and that you are going to cherish with all of your heart and soul.


On one half of the main level, you’ll find the portion of the log cabin that has cathedral ceilings as well as a lovely wall of windows and doors along the side of the house.

This space includes a fireplace in addition to doors that lead outside to the deck as well as the porches that are located on either side of the log cabin.


This section of the room has not only a pool table, but also a small living space that is furnished with armchairs, a wardrobe that hides a television, and, of course, a table for playing pool.

As can be observed, this location boasts a tremendous amount of space and openness. In addition to that, there is enough room on the side for a dining table to be placed there!


The kitchen of the Log Cabin

Before you can enter the kitchen, you have to first make your way to the opposite end of the living room and go around a corner there.

Even though the living room and dining room are immediately adjacent to the kitchen, the kitchen is nevertheless able to maintain a certain degree of independence and privacy.

log cabin


Our hearts have been entirely won over by the log cabinets that are made of light wood and have latticework and glass holes in them so that you can see what is stored inside of them.

In addition to that, they give the impression that the area is much more attractive and open than it had been in the past.

The Stairs Design of the Log Cabin

There is a lofted bedroom that can be found on this side of the log cabin, just above the bedroom which is located on the main floor of the residence.

log cabin


Two features of this room that stand out as particularly appealing to both of us are the gorgeous beams made of light wood and the natural light that enters through the window on the opposite side of the home.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, which is located on the first floor of the log cabin even though there are other bedrooms on the other levels, is a cozy and inviting space that provides plenty of room for a bed, dresser,

log cabin


And chest of drawers in addition to enormous windows that let in a great deal of natural light. The master bedroom also has a view of the backyard from its location on the first floor.

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