The secluded and shady spot where the cabin is located

The Cabin is situated in a peaceful and shady section within the Hideout, which is recognized as one of the best four-season communities in NEPA.



It turned out to be the ideal vacation spot for our group of friends. There were seven of us staying in this cabin, and it offered an exceptional level of comfort.


Even though this cabin is part of a community and there are other homes in the immediate vicinity, we had the impression that we were out in the middle of nowhere by ourselves.


The house is warm and inviting, and the neighborhood is so quiet and serene that it is the perfect place to unwind.


This location offers a fantastic deal in addition to being a really comfortable and homey place to stay while on vacation. The indoor and outdoor fireplaces provided us with a lot of comfort and convenience.


We had a wonderful time during our visit! The house was comfortable while yet being rather huge, and it included everything that we required.


Our time spent together as a family was quite enjoyable. The house was comfortable and inviting, making it an ideal living environment for us.


The photographs were a spot-on representation of the location! Friendly to families, warm, and accommodating to comfort! I


Because both the property and the area are so peaceful, we cherished each and every moment of our time spent in this location.


This was a fantastic location to stay, and it was located in a very hip private community. We had a wonderful time there; everything was very clean, and we had a lot of fun doing it.


The home was quite cozy and welcoming, and we had a wonderful stay there.

The Cabin is located in the stunning Catskill Mountains




The charming Barn House can be found tucked away in the rolling foothills of New York’s Catskill Mountains. A trip of around two hours from the George Washington Bridge in New York City.


The views of the mountains, a patio area where guests may rest and take in the sights and sounds of nature, and the proximity to the peaceful Callicoon Creek.


We had a wonderful time, and the location was immaculate and adorable. She was a tremendous asset.


The location was perfect, and the room was spotless and precisely as stated. After attending a concert at Bethel, the location is ideal.


The location is incredible, Sarah and Dustin are the finest hosts imaginable, they provided me with a comprehensive list of things to do in the area, and everything in the house was stunning.


You won’t need to carry very many things from home because they have everything you could possibly need for cooking already there.


It appeared that water had caused damage to the ceiling in the living room, which was sagging and falling down.


This is the perfect location for you if you’re looking for a relaxing escape just a short drive from New York City.


A lovely spot to get away from it all and unwind in the fresh air and natural surroundings of a quaint little village.


Everything looks just like it does in the images. Both Sarah and her husband are charming and quick to respond to any situation that may arise.

The Log Cabin Located Near the Lake, Pool, and Beach




The Cabin is a magnificent mountain home that has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and it is situated only one hundred yards away from the community beach and pool.


Our house in Horizon is situated in an area with views that are absolutely spectacular, and virtually all of the rooms in the house can be opened up to take advantage of these panoramas.


At the dining room table, which is positioned in a convenient location just outside the kitchen, perfect activities such as playing games, putting together puzzles, and meeting as a family for a meal can all be done.

This is because the dining room table is in a location that is just outside the kitchen.


A master bedroom will often take up a whole floor of a house.

It will also typically include a private bathroom that is outfitted with an opulently enormous soaking tub, in addition to an ambiance that is serene and devoid of noise.


The game room at Horizon is extremely impressive, with not just a pool table but also a foosball table, wireless internet, and a flat-screen television in addition to the standard amenities of a pool table.


Because of this, we would not have been able to stop individuals of our group from going to the lake or beach to enjoy themselves.


The setting is very neat, and it has a sufficient amount of space. Bedrooms that are both pleasant and have nice beds.


The necessities may easily be found in the kitchen thanks to the abundance of supplies that have been provided.


The barbeque was fantastic, and not only was it spotless, but it also came with an additional tank of gas. Both the living room and the dining space were quite nice to have in the apartment.

A cozy cabin with a beautiful deck for unwinding



This cozy apartment provides you with two Smart TVs, a kitchen that has everything you could ever need, and a beautiful deck where you can unwind after a day packed with exciting activities.

The apartment is located in a convenient location. Those Who Made It Across.

If you are going on vacation with your children, you should stop by the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark. They’re going to have a great time there! During the cooler months, we will be paying a visit.


Perhaps the most irritating feature of the entire home was the musty odor that permeated the kitchen.


They sent an employee to remove the floor beneath the sink and replace it with a new one, but the musty smell was still present after they were done.


Since quite some time, the house has been in a terrible state of decay, and that condition has not improved. While I was there for the first week, there were quite a few visits from maintenance workers coming to make repairs.


The residence provides all of the conveniences that are need for a restful stay. On the lake, users have access to a variety of watercraft, including canoes and boats.

Also included are life jackets for a number of different people.


The pool offers a lot of fun and relaxation. The path that leads up to the port, in addition to the dock itself, is in need of some maintenance and repair work.


It was lovely to have a dock with boats, and the location was accessible for getting to the playground, which made things more pleasurable for the children.


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