The School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built

In this episode, we will see The School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built with Salvaged materials

It’s a 1969 international school bus and it’s been converted into a little tiny house it’s very unique and beautiful.

The Covered Deck of the School Bus

The first thing on this school bus tiny house is the outdoor deck it’s plywood over here and there’s some clear sheeting which let a lot of light in and then the old school desk and these chairs also from an old school so this is a spot where you can have your morning coffee.

The Interior of the School Bus

The first thing about this school bus is the passenger area is 16 feet and it’s another three feet or so to the edge of the window and it’s seven and a half feet wide and it’s five foot ten and a half in the middle.

The Kitchenette of the School Bus

This is your kitchenette in the school bus there is a spacious countertop with a two burner propane stove and a pretty essential and then your huge sink with a beautiful window.

Right across from that is your dining area you got a tiny countertop space with some drawers below and a chair and even a window to get some sunlight in.

The Bedroom & The Seating area

This is your bedroom space combined with the seating area it’s not too big but it is so comfortable in here.

There is a king-size bed right next to the wall with a floating shelve and a drawer below that and right next to this is your seating area it’s very comfortable as well.

The Bathroom of the School Bus

This bathroom space is very beautiful and unique there is an old door from the restore and then there is a composting toilet with beautiful painted and even your sink with hot running water and a vanity.

The Outdoor Space

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