The Red Rock Log Cabin Has A Lovely Modern Interior

Welcome to the Red Rock log cabin, which was constructed by Fairview Log Cabins, is an incredible display of how the company accomplishes the sought-after rustic beauty while yet remaining faithful to your contemporary standards.


The log cabin was designed and built by Fairview Log Cabins. On Red Rock, which can be found near Fairview, Washington, the little cottage was constructed.

The Back Porch

The rear of this property is our favorite part of the house. It is our favorite part of the house since it exposes the great room with its windows and it has all of the porch area that is positioned outside.

The sides of the property offer a cozier ambiance thanks to the lower ceilings on the porches, but the rear of the house is covered but yet manages to preserve an airy and open mood despite the fact that it is enclosed.


Even if it isn’t completed, the basement would be an ideal spot to build a separate living space for guests or a playing room for children since it would have easy access to the yard.

This would be a great option for families with many children. If the basement has already been completed, this would be a very useful feature.

The Inside

The staircase, which led directly to both the upper and lower levels of the log cabin, was one of the first things that drew our attention as soon as we entered the Red Rock log cabin, and it was also one of the first things that piqued our curiosity. Both levels of the residence were accessible via the staircase.


The atmosphere of a traditional log cabin, which you have been searching for, can now be found at this location. The thick, weathered log walls and these steps, which are fashioned in the shape of half-logs, are responsible for creating this atmosphere.

The Living Area

The huge space may be reached directly to the right of the foyer, which is reached from the front entrance of the building.

You can easily create a dining nook that is more private on the opposite side of the room by dividing off an open floor plan that you have used to create a beautiful area for a living room.


This can be done by simply dividing off a section of the room. Changing up the layout of the seating in the space might be the solution to achieving this objective.

You have a wonderful chance to view the unprocessed wood in its entirety, including the bark, from this unique vantage point within the log cabin.

This provides you with a complete picture of the wood. In addition, that antler chandelier with a traditional western design is a great subject for conversation and truly brings the style to life. It is a genuine show-stopper.


You’ll note that there is a quaint nook with seating located just here, close to the Dutch door that provides access to the deck, which is located directly next to the kitchen. This nook is ideal for reading, writing, or enjoying a cup of tea.

This is the ideal location for a dining table, since there is sufficient room here to accommodate one without making the room seem claustrophobic.

However, one of the characteristics that sticks out the most to us is the fact that it opens out onto the porch area. This is one of the things that makes it unique.


Because of this feature, guests will not have to worry about opening the whole door in order to just pass food through while they are grilling. Instead, they will only need to open the portion of the door that allows them to do so.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

You have a view into the kitchen from this vantage point, as well as a look down the hallway into the master bedroom, which is located at the rear of the house.

In addition to the bar/nook that provides additional sitting possibilities, the airiness and openness of this area are two features that really appeal to us.


The living area, when seen from a different angle, reveals that there is a significant amount of space between the kitchen and the main room. This space, which might be remodeled to accommodate more dining or seats, is now being wasted.

One of our ideal kitchens would include both contemporary conveniences and the warm and inviting feel of kitchens from bygone eras.


Our attention is first drawn to the refrigerator due of its classic appearance; nevertheless, the stainless steel log cabinets and worktops in this area give off a more contemporary feel, which we find to be incredibly appealing.

In addition, the copper farmhouse sink that I have installed in us kitchen is without a doubt the most cherished component of the room. It is wonderful in every conceivable way!

log cabin

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

Even though we do not receive a tour of the room and bedroom that are located upstairs, the picture that is provided below should provide you with some insight on the size of the landing.

log cabin

To put it another way, one gets a perspective from this vantage point that takes in the whole of the log cabin, which is something that appeals to us.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the bathroom that is situated on the ground floor has a one-of-a-kind twin vanity design with lots of storage beneath. This design is consistent with the counter and log cabinets that are placed throughout the rest of the log cabin.

log cabin

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