The Railway Train Car Transformed Into a Tiny House

In this episode, we will see The Railway Train Car Transformed Into a Tiny House

This is a world war 2 railway train carriage that has been transformed into an amazing tiny home the decoration is perfect and sits on a cool property as well.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is very gorgeous it was built by a train car it’s not too big the roof is very beautiful with the glass design that makes this house feel more bright and cozy as well.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside is pretty enchanting it’s kind of romantic the theme is keeping historical it feels like the original the interior is built with wood that kind of helped age a little bit and roughed up and it was just odd and ends with that rail car paneling like a boxcar.

The Kitchen

This is a wonderful kitchen the sink is very beautiful it’s clean and sleek and then you got a coffee maker as well with some floating shelves right behind to store anything.

The countertop is very long there is a microwave right in and then tons of cabinets and a fridge and dishwasher as well.

Right opposite of this site, you got a dining table as well to enjoy your meal or you can do some work in here as well.

The Bathroom

The bathroom of this tiny house is pretty unique the tiling is very gorgeous there is a toilet right in the middle with a little sink right behind and then you got a bathtub as well it is very nice to have.Tiny house

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

On this side, is your bedroom space it’s pretty unique there is a king-size bed right next to the wall with some windows here to bring sunlight in and make this house cozier.

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