The outdoors of the tree-lined Log Cabin are very refreshing

The Log Cabin is the perfect spot to rest because it is surrounded by trees and has a pleasant temperature outside. It is in close proximity to our personal residence and is forested all around.




They are wonderful for riding bicycles about in so that one can take in the surrounding natural beauty and little towns.


The cabin is roomy and cozy, thanks in large part to the presence of an internal fireplace. Because it is entirely made of wood, it exudes that warm and inviting scent.


The cabin is encircled by a lovely garden that is rather large and provides a lot of space for lounging around.


This Airbnb is located in a very charming village, and all of the amenities you might want are in the immediate vicinity, including a bakery, restaurant, grocery, and so on.


The location is quite wonderful, in addition to being quaint, roomy, and well-appointed. It has the aroma of wood, like a fireplace.


Our stay was quite enjoyable, and we would not hesitate to suggest this establishment to others.


We were afforded an adequate amount of privacy. The accommodations are impeccable in both appearance and functionality.


There are many different ways to have fun, including ebikes, a pool, and a sauna; there is something for everyone.


We had a wonderful time in Thomas’s log cabin, and he and his wife made us feel right at home with their warm hospitality.


Both the sauna and the mountain ebikes are incredible experiences that will leave you wanting more.


They were very kind, the home was immaculately clean, toasty, and inviting, and the surrounding neighbourhood was wonderful for taking leisurely strolls, unwinding, and escaping the hectic pace of city life.


The cabin has a lot of character, and the surrounding region is charming and ideal for going on a lovely trek. Staying in the cabin is something that we can wholeheartedly recommend to anybody!

The modern cabin has a big living room and a modern kitchen.





It is situated outside the North Yorkshire village of Thornton Watlass, between the picturesque market towns of Bedale and Masham.


This is an ideal vacation spot for groups of friends and family any time of the year.


The cabin was fantastic; it was clean, well-appointed, and up-to-date.


The lodge was spotless and inviting. Great balcony with wonderful views. This is a great spot, quiet and convenient to get to.


The lodge is well located for day trips to the Yorkshire Dales, and it has been recently renovated.


Swallow Lodge is a great, big house, ideal for a family get-together, and we spent a delightful weekend there.


This lodge is stunning in every way. Everything we needed was there, and the place felt like a home away from home.


Upon our arrival, the lodge was immaculate. It’s peaceful there, yet you’re still close to the charming market town of Bedale and the quaint nearby hamlet of Thornton Watlass.


The home is beautifully furnished and outfitted, making for a comfortable stay. The children found it really entertaining.


Because of the pleasant weather, we ate breakfast outside.


We took advantage of the excellent stargazing conditions by stepping out onto the balcony off the master bedroom.


There is currently an issue with the lodge’s water supply; there is no danger to guests, but the water does taste and smell like eggs.


Everything we needed was there, and it was immaculately kept. Lovely, toasty setting, with the added bonus of a top-notch log burner.

The lodge had soft, comfortable beds and a tranquil atmosphere throughout the day and night.

A fantastic spot to unwind is at the cabin.





This cabin is a wonderful spot to relax and a very ideal site to use as a home base due to its accessibility to both the forest and the most significant attractions in the surrounding area.


This was an incredible and quaint location to stay. There, we had a splendidly relaxing three-day weekend.


and the quality of everything was rather high. Very nice amenities, complete seclusion, and a breathtaking view.

Everything was just as it appeared in the images; I can’t say enough good things about it.


Amazingly well-kept property featuring up-to-date kitchen and bathroom amenities. Superb interaction and communication with the host. Incredible vistas.


The home was incredibly charming and inviting. There, we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. The house was very contemporary and immaculate, and the surrounding landscape was breathtaking.


The cottage is tucked away in a secluded section of the garden that is densely branched.


It is in a reasonable condition and appears just like the photographs that were provided.

The environment is incredibly lush, and there are a lot of opportunities for outdoor pursuits in the immediate vicinity.


A spot that is ideal for those who enjoy being in the great outdoors and are looking for some quiet time to themselves.


The property is exactly as described, and the host is highly responsive to messages, providing assistance whenever it’s required.


The photographs of the cabin were accurate representations of the one we stayed in. a setting that is peaceful and clean, complete seclusion, and mental ease.


So in this Cabin, you got Towels, a hairdryer, basic condiments, and other necessities were provided in the well-maintained kitchen as well as the cottage’s other amenities.

River Cabin Number One in Hidden Valley






The Secret Valley River Cabin One and the citrus farms next to the Blyde River are real secret gems.

Our two cabins are perfect for a stopover on your trip, a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a place to start exploring the area.

The River Cabin is close to the river and in nature makes for a healthy and peaceful experience.

The cabins are nicely decorated and can be used for self-catering. To make sure you get a good night’s sleep, the beds are fitted with high-quality, expensive mattresses.

The houses are set among big trees that grow along the river. The bathrooms that are partly covered make being in the trees even better.

On the Blyderus Reserve is where the houses are. Plains animals, from the small Duiker to the huge Giraffe, live in the area.

People think that the Blyde River is one of the most beautiful rivers in South Africa. It forms the border of the reserve.

The river is clean, and the water is so clear that you can swim in it.

You can walk along a beautiful 5 km trail that goes along the river and fish for bass, carp, yellow fish, and tilapia.

The fact that giraffes, zebras, hippos, and other animals were free to move around caught our attention.

The property was immaculate and tastefully furnished, which showed how much the host cared about our comfort.

The place, the cabin, the cozy touches, and the activities that were offered on-site.

We rode the two bikes around the reserve and ended up riding with giraffes while the mountains in the background looked beautiful. It was an interesting trend.

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