The Nook On The Hill Average Tiny Home

In the episode, well we see The Nook On The Hill Is Not Your Average Small Home Located in Djab wurrung country, Gariwerd.

Welcome to The Nook it is my pleasure to be here this is something very special you’ve created here isn’t it certainly yeah been working on it for quite some time about five years or so 5 000 hours of labor of love yeah absolutely now, the blocks of my mum you certainly have created an amazing place here now this isn’t a tiny house but it is still quite small what are the dimensions of this home yeah so the dimensions are four meters by six meters and then six and a half meters tall it’s a very striking looking home.

The Living room of the home

In the Living room, so we have friends over it’s really important to us to be able to just have that space that we can then just have a chat with our mates while we’re cooking away hence having the block here and just having everyone is in the one space so yeah yeah it just kind of flows through nicely and very comfy but quite a compact couch.


which I think we’ve managed to do well without it sort of drowning out the rest of the area so yeah so the aim was to have just full draws so basically draws throughout so by using this owl shape being able to Capitalize on the space well even managed to fit a little dish jaw and the butler sink is a nice touch in here that fits perfectly into the style yeah I think you pretty much.

The Bathroom of the home

This is just so nicely done the tile work in here just makes for such an amazing feature yeah we love it we knew that um this was going to be the sort of smaller space in the house and we kind of wanted to play around with that and get like big splashes of Color and things in here so it took us quite a while to find actually.


This is so cool coming up here and again just being hit by that window and that view is pretty epic isn’t it yeah it’s quite Specky it’s not a bad view to wake up to every morning gotta say I couldn’t agree more absolutely and it’s a very Compact and quite clever stair design as well yeah

so we went with the spiral staircase to conserve Space inside the house.

The Bedroom of the home

The size of the bed in the bedroom so it’s a full queen size bed yeah full Queen which also allows you to build in a lot more storage so how these wardrobes all down here and then over the side we’ve sort of got a few deeper drawers to um store Linens and things like that and then over in the book Nook seated area that’s my wardrobe there’s also a fair bit of storage built into the top so you can sort of fold the Bed Head forward and it’s got a couple of power points as well in there if you need them and the little bedside table.


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