The modern style of the Sunset Cabin

The modern style of the Sunset Cabin at Sunset Coin Lembongan are a combination of traditional Balinese timber villas and modern, minimalist design. These buildings are surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens.



Featuring a swimming pool that has a wet edge and a large terrace where you can spend the day sitting around and passing the time away.

The treatments offered at the spa are available to hotel guests who are interested in being pampered by the most experienced massage therapist on the island.

We would like to express our gratitude to you for taking the time to write a review of our business. On behalf of the entire Team, we really hope that we will have the chance to be of service to you again in the near or more distant future.

was exceptionally tidy and offered all of the facilities and services that we needed, such as authentic and quaint bungalow rooms, a swimming pool, and breakfast that was included in the price.

Despite the fact that the island itself is not particularly large, the location is exceptionally accessible. Only a hand full of spots come to me when I think about recommending places to tourists in the years to come.

Both the host and the area itself were really comfortable. The host was very helpful.

Home for a couple that is made entirely of natural logs



At a height of 1,300 meters (4,265 feet), a stylish log cottage can be found in Iizuna, which is located in the prefecture of Nagano. The cottage is situated in the heart of a naturally lovely wooded area.

 small groups of individuals or people. It comes equipped with a full kitchen, leather chairs, a wood burning stove, a large television, a Blu-ray/DVD player, a stereo system, and leather ottomans. Make the most of the options the area provides for engaging in activities such as skiing, hiking, barbecuing, golfing, and onsen bathing by participating in these pursuits.

This house in the Japanese Alps is absolutely breathtaking since it was built so that it wraps around the base of one of the mountains in the area.

The location was perfect for going on walks in the Togakushi region, which has many beautiful trails.

When we visited there at the beginning of April, to our delight, there was still snow on the ground despite the fact that the heating system was very effective.

The house exudes coziness and is outfitted with a number of different appliances that make life more convenient. In addition to that, there is Netflix available on the television in the room, which is something that both my husband and I enjoy doing while we are there.

Even though there was a huge snowstorm occurring outside, the interior of the cottage remained cozy and toasty throughout the storm.

The cabin emits an overpowering sense of comfort and serenity throughout its entirety. One of the most memorable parts of the vacation was undoubtedly the time spent drinking sake in front of the fireplace.

The Natural Beauty hideaway cabin



Take in the stunning scenery of the island while also receiving a kind greeting at one of the many restaurants that cater to families.

Only a quarter of an hour is needed to travel by boat from Mersing in Johor to the recently built Bayu Lestari Resort on the island of Pulau Tioman.

One of the many islands that together form the archipelago that is the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park is the island of Pulau Besar. This park is located in Malaysia. 

Our staff is responsible for the preservation of the natural world, and the resort was designed with the natural environment that is immediately adjacent to it in mind at every stage of construction.

The cottages and chalets were built out of natural materials that were sourced from the surrounding area. They are all situated only a short distance away from the water’s edge.

Each of the villas is brand new, meticulously clean, adequately proportioned, and beautifully decorated so that you may have a relaxing and enjoyable time here. We provide a total of four unique types of chalets, and the capacity of each of these accommodations ranges from two to twelve guests at a time.

Additionally, there is a problem with cats loitering around the dining area; it would be ideal if the personnel made an attempt to remove them.

Moorside Farmhouse contains a dwelling known as



Our Glamping & Barbecue Cabin is a fantastic alternative kind of lodging option for those who adore the warmth and luxury of a solid roof while still appreciating the experience of camping and the great outdoors.

Those individuals will realize that our Glamping & Barbecue Cabin is a great place to stay.

 It is an isolated log cottage in the middle of the woods that serves as its main point with a grill and an outdoor fireplace.

The seats are easily converted into three separate beds, altering the space from one that is perfect for cooking, eating, and relaxing into one that can accommodate all of these activities.

The heat from the stove or burner will keep you warm all through the night if you cook on it. You will at all times have unlimited access to the restroom and shower facilities that is around 10 meters away from the cabin.

This access will be provided to you at no additional cost.

There is a lengthy and steep series of steps that lead up from the ground level onto the sundeck and then into the cabin. After it gets dark, all of the guests are obliged to bring torches with them and show that they are able to safely navigate the steps.

 It was quite gorgeous, and we made it a point to enjoy the weather and landscape both before daybreak and after we returned from our brief outings, so that we could make the most of our time there.

After registering for our three-night stay in the cabin, we immediately set about making ourselves at home. After John had welcomed us, we were given the impression that we had entered our own home very immediately.

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