The Military Tiny House on Wheels

In this episode, we will see The Military Tiny House on Wheels

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is about three meters by eight meters and 4.2 meters including the deck options as well that give the living space outside it’s just a beautiful space to relax and enjoy.

There is a long couch right next to the wall with some pillows and right behind that is another couch it’s similar to the first one.

The Living Room

The inside of this tiny house is quite spacious it’s an open concept so you got a super comfy couch on the right side, right below this huge window it’s perfect.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is quite large there are a lot of kitchen utensils here the countertop is an L-shaped counter so you got a huge and deep sink right above and then your stovetop.

There is a lot of storage underneath and then your washer-dryer combo and then your dishwasher and even some storage right above that as well.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is a great family bathroom it’s quite spacious and unique so you got a composting toilet on the right side below a little window and then a full-size shower space with glass design and even a vanity space.

The Downstairs Bedroom

This is a downstairs bedroom it’s not too big but it’s very comfortable there is a queen-size bed right in the middle and a lot of closets right behind that so you can store a lot of things here.

The Loft Bedroom Space

This is the first loft bedroom it’s a unique bedroom there is a couch on the right side with some artwork and a queen-size mattress right behind even the low windows.

This is a second loft bedroom it’s similar to the first one it’s a perfect spot for your kid.Tiny house

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