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The Micky Mouse Tiny House is Disney Cartoon

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In the episode, we will see Their Tiny House is Disney themed located in New York.

This Tiny House is built a little over two years, this Tiny Mouse house is a 36 foot long eight and a half foot wide tiny house on wheels it is a triple axle we have a total of right around 371 square feet of living space, the park model is in the place and that actually a stunning home and then the color we picked the design choice and it looks pretty cool, we also put the mickey mouse icons on the house.

Inside Disneyland, you can see down Main street to the main hub and then all the lands branch and you can see the kitchen it have a lot of thing in this original tiny house first you can see a countertop it a big sink so that is very helpful and you really like to do dishes so we need to have dishwasher foreign.

This is your bedroom is a beautiful space Dopey is one of your favorite characters in Disneyland so we had to incorporate Dopey with the bedding also with the green curtain so there’s a little bit of Dopey everywhere in her and we also have another air conditioning unit in here which is very helpful.

In the Living room, we did a bunch of different things we have a Cuckoo clock and we have a manufacturer make it for us and we had these shipped directly to our builders so they know exactly where to put them they do have these wonderful removable trays that we can pop on and odd it’s wonderful and we have dinner eat basically eat and watch TV enjoy ourselves and you also have a bookcase it important to use and read of our Disney as well.

This is your Minnie’s Hideaway is all decorated of course in Minnie Mouse we have a futon mattress up here and you have a futon mattress up here that we use as a bed because of the height difference and so when our son or whoever comes up here and sleep here in this room.

This is your bathroom all this room is designed with Pooh so we call it the Pooh Bath mat and we have these canvas wraps of Winnie the pooh we do have a traditional flush toilet we have storage under the sink as well as above the sink.

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