The Mansfield Shipping Container Homes in Victoria

In this episode, we will see The Mansfield Shipping Container Homes with 323sqft of living space

This gorgeous shipping container home is located in Mansfield which is a small country town in Victoria Australia and it’s about 180 kilometers from Melbourne.
The property is unique it’s a big rocky steep hill the views are amazing you can watch the weather coming in from forever away.

The Exterior of the Container Homes

This tiny home is made up of two containers one is a living room and the kitchen and the other one is a bedroom.

This rock is built for connection between these containers because the ground’s not level the container ended up behind a little higher of the ground.

The Interior of the Container Homes

The first shipping container is the kitchen it’s built out of plywood first section is a wood-burning stove that heats the container but you also cook on it.

This is your countertop space you got a sink on the right side, with some dishes underneath and a small fridge, and right above that you got shelves to store your glass.

There is a dining table with two chairs where you can eat your meal and you can do some work here as well.

This is the second container it’s a bedroom there is a triple bunk and a double bed the mattress is camping mattresses and then you got a kitchen set-up space as well.

The Bathroom Container Homes

The timer in the bathroom is lined with an epoxy resin and there is a full-size shower and a sink and then your toilet.

The Decking Space

There is a big deck that drops down on hydraulics you can press the button to open and close this decking space. You can enjoy your time in this decking space as well you got a beautiful view everywhere from the property and then you got a fireplace right in front of this deck as well.Container homes

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