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The Magical Treehouse of Serenity

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In this episode, we will see The Magical Treehouse of Serenity

The magical treehouse of serenityThis magical treehouse of serenity is located in Woodfin, North Carolina, United States it is just 10 mins from downtown Asheville nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Exterior of the Treehouse

This magical treehouse of serenity is called the Wizards Hollow by its owners, With the beautiful stonework and the castle torrents it feels like it was straight out of the Harry Potter series.

This is the main front exterior we’re going to be past these two lampposts and some of the plants and then in the sitting area, you have four chairs, some plants, and the bright blue rug.

On this side, is your deck with four comfy chairs for you to enjoy the natural view and get some pure air.

Inside Of the Treehouse

The inside of this treehouse is an open concept design you have these high arched ceiling
it makes this house feel more spacious.Treehouse

There is a couch and all of this fun Harry Potter memorabilia and then your TV on the top of a suitcase and a famous sorting hat.Treehouse Treehouse

The Bathroom of the Treehouse

The bathroom is quite spacious there is a toilet and right behind that is your shower space and then your vanity and two mirrors.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is very unique there is an L shape countertop with your coffee maker and then your sink and some snack supplies and underneath this counter, there are a lot of cabinets for you to store your kitchen appliances, and right behind that is your refrigerator. This is a black and sleek dining table with four sitting options.

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is a unique design the queen-size bed is in the middle and then a little nightstand, on the right and above the bed, you have all these floating candles.

The Second Floor Bedroom

The first room on this second floor is your bedroom there is a queen-size mattress in the middle and a nightstand behind that with a little light to make this bedroom feel cozier. At the end of the second floor, there are even more Harry Potter goodies waiting for you.

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