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The luxury Tiny House In New York

In the episode, we will see a This luxury Tiny House located in New York.

The Tiny house we were renting was a house with three bedrooms two baths 1300 square feet we found ourselves whenever we were living in that home buying a lot of furniture and things to fill those rooms and spaces.

The living room is by far probably our favourite space in the entire house originally when we first move into the house we had three seater sofa it had a putout bed, we were never really having friends really spend the night anyways we ended up selling that couch, getting this L-Shaped couch, everyone has a place to sit. Most of us can squeeze in here just fine Each cushion has its own storage.

In the kitchen, we were deciding on what countertops we wanted to put in and we always love the look of butcher block so it has a really nice herringbone we have a three-burner propane cooking range our propane is hooked up outside and then the oven also runs off of propane our beautiful canopy vent hood has it settings to suck out the smoke and then we also have a dish rack sits right on the top the washer and dryer so for our fridge we decided to go with an apartment style.

The bathroom we design from the kitchen into this area with the flooring we went with a white-grey vein black grout hexagon tile we wanted to mimic the black and white subway tile from the kitchen similar to the farmhouse sink, and we want to go with a small rectangular white pedestal sink.

In the bedroom, we were able to take our king-size bed and fit it perfectly sung as a bug up here and it is so cozy with the skylight we’re able to see the stars at night we have a nice draft coming through the windows whenever we have them open and the weather’s nice outside it is really just a tranquil space.


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