The Luxury Fantastic Log Cabin In The Woods Is A Truly

The idea of a magnificent log cabin in the woods is probably the last thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear those words, but this house is going to shatter that impression as soon as it is seen.


The traditional log cabin style, which you are accustomed to and have grown to appreciate, is maintained in this Log Cabin in the Woods, which manages to display beauty and elegance in an uncomplicated manner while remaining true to its namesake.

The Exterior

Ranch-style log cabins are known for their uncomplicated and open exterior designs, both of which are seen on this property. Access to the garage can be gained through a carport that is connected to the building where the automobiles are stored.


The façade of the log cabin is built using a combination of log construction and stonework, which results in a building that is both long-lasting and exquisite. This log cabin features free-flowing open spaces as well as a huge number of wonderful nooks both within and outside the house.

The Log Cabin in the Woods is a multi-story log cabin that has a walkout basement, covered and uncovered porches and decks, as well as a combination of all of these outside living spaces.


Additionally, the home includes a combination of all of these outside living areas. In addition, there is a stone pathway that makes it simple and expedient to ascend from the basement to the main level of the house.

The Inground Pool

If going for a swim is something that you take pleasure in doing, you won’t want to let the chance to make use of the in-ground pool that is located in the backyard of the property slip away without giving it some thought.


Because it provides a private gate as well as a covered seating area, it may turn the area immediately outside of your home into the ideal setting for a pool party.

The Living Area

Inside the log cabin is a large open floor plan with an open concept that has been maintained throughout. The floor layout shows how each of the rooms is connected.

One wall of the living room is dominated by an exquisite fireplace, while the other two walls are replete with windows, resulting in an abundance of natural light throughout the room.


You can see in the background that there is an archway that goes straight into the kitchen and dining area. You can also see this archway.

At the very end of the corridor, you will find a chaise lounge, a storage log cabinet, and an entrance to a deck. Walls constructed of wood and stone can be found on either side of the sofa.

Arches that are covered in stone and wood may be used to gain access from the rest of the house to a pleasantly open area that could be used as an office or reading nook.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

An archway obscures the entrance to the modern kitchen, which is rather large and has been recently renovated.

Log Cabinets crafted from light wood offer a perfect space for storing all of your dishes, cookware, and utensils, and they make it possible for the appliances to be incorporated without being visible.


Additionally, a curved counter can serve both as a breakfast nook and a bar, while the dining table can remain in the background for more formal meals.

This allows for additional space in the kitchen. All of this leads immediately out to the distinct deck and patio that can be found just beyond the doors leading into the kitchen.

The Laundry of the Log Cabin

You will find a nice laundry facility tucked away in one of the nooks; it is furnished with an open counter that sits above the washing and dryer that are located in the area.


If you keep your storage and shelving close by, it will be much simpler for you to always have everything you require on hand. Nevertheless, this should not be accomplished at the expense of the space’s aesthetic appeal.

The Basement of the Log  Cabin

The elegance that can be found throughout this log cabin can also be seen in the lower levels, such as the basement. One of our favorite aspects about these walls is the fact that they are constructed out of a combination of stone and lumber.


There is only one large open space, and half walls separate the various sections of the room into their distinct areas.

Below, you’ll find the living space, which is also referred to as the family room, and it’s outfitted with seating options including sofas and chairs, in addition to a television.

A log cabin fitness center can be found just around the corner, and it has chairs, a wood fire, and a television in addition to a variety of other pieces of exercise equipment.


The Bedroom

You will find even more wonderful places in the bedrooms, including log walls that have been painted over in addition to drywall that has also been painted.


In addition, each room features a ceiling fan, stunning windows that offer a view of the exterior of the house, and private closet storage space for your belongings.

The First Bathroom

If, on the other hand, you are the same as me in that at the end of a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than getting into a warm bath with some bubbles,

log cabin


Then the copper soaking tub that is located in this bathroom is going to be your favorite feature in the entire house. This bathroom is located on the first floor of the house.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, which includes a sofa against one wall and a private door heading outside against the opposite wall, is our favorite room in the house.

log cabin


In addition, there is a vanity and sink in the bedroom, as well as a bathroom that is adjacent to the room’s side and can be accessible through a door on the opposite wall. The bathroom can be found directly across from the room.

The Second Bathroom

The bathrooms in this apartment are decorated in a variety of styles, such as this straightforward, cramped area that only includes the essentials in terms of fixtures and amenities.

log cabin


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