The Luxurious Treehouse on the Rivanna River, with a Hot Tub

The treehouse is elevated 15 feet above the ground, so guests can take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest during their stay.



This loft in the tree Built by hand, the proprietor personally oversees the curation of each and every inch of the property.

This home is quite stunning, in contrast to the dilapidated appearance of the tree house.

The refrigerator had a terrible amount of dust on it.

The most upsetting thing for me was that there wasn’t a mattress protector, the bottom sheet was soiled with bleach, and the pillows were stained, which was the grossest thing of all.

They were covered in yellow smears from head to toe.

This is totally unclean and, to tell you the truth, a potential health risk.

That would be called glamping. It pains me to write a negative review, but prospective guests deserve to know the reality before they book.

It was the ideal vacation spot for us to celebrate our anniversary.

The inclusion of a hot tub was a wonderful treat in our room. It was a wonderful experience to begin each day by gazing out the huge windows at the upper level at the picturesque view of the forest.

The treehouse has a peaceful and secluded atmosphere. It was tidy, and it had all of the amenities that we required.

This treehouse experience was a wonderful opportunity to relax and take in the natural beauty of the surrounding area without having to juggle a large number of camping supplies.

The home was inviting, well-kept, and up-to-date.

The Treehouse, situated in the secluded private woodland



Your very own personal place, complete with many ponds for swimming, a gazebo, fire pits, running water, a hot shower, mountain biking trails, and hiking paths.

Because The Treehouse is so secluded and you have access to 300 acres right outside your door, you can choose to spend your whole vacation in complete seclusion or you can explore the surrounding area and visit nearby wineries, restaurants, shops, horse farms, golf courses, and ski resorts.

The Tree House undergoes a thorough cleaning both after each guest departs and before they arrive. We place a high value on tidiness, and catering to your health and comfort is our number one objective.

The tree home is located on 300 acres of private forest that features walking and hiking trails, cross-country skiing trails, mountain biking trails, and swimming ponds.

This stunning Tree House looks out over a wide open green landscape and ponds filled with natural spring water. Check out our 1820 log cabin if you’re in the market for additional space and have a thing for log cabins.

The grounds are stunning, complete with a number of ponds, a gazebo, walking pathways, and a great outdoor fire pit in the middle of the wildflower-covered terrain.

It was so peaceful at the swimming ponds that I was able to explore the lily pads and tadpoles on paddle boards. The swimming ponds were very gorgeous.

Everything was neatly organized and simple to locate. A beautiful bathroom that includes a shower! Lovely fields with an abundance of wildflowers.

The treehouse is fancy and cozy.



The magnificent and comfy treehouse consists of amazing treehouses connected by multi-level decks 25 to 50 feet in the air, over 5,000 square feet of space including decks, and two full kitchens.

The treehouses are connected to each other by a bridge that spans between 25 and 50 feet.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience can be enjoyed by numerous families at the same time thanks to the ample space available.

You may get more out of the area by throwing open the massive glass doors and letting the serene outdoors envelop you.

This treehouse is not only something interesting to experience but also very luxurious at the same time.

For each of our suites, we searched far and wide for the finest quality furnishings and fixtures, such as luxurious memory foam mattresses, cutting-edge kitchen appliances, and exquisitely designed bathroom amenities.

The treehouse was a beautiful structure. There were three families, for a total of eight children. Everyone had a wonderful day, and no one wanted to go home.

Make sure to reserve the Skywalk Treehouse if you have a large family or group of people who are searching for a somewhere to stay that is both enjoyable and unique.

We were there with three other spouses and five other children, and everyone had a wonderful time there.

It’s lovely that everyone has their own quiet space to retreat to at night, and the communal facilities are wonderful for just hanging out and socializing in general.

Our stay at this place was fantastic! We had a huge party of 14 people, yet there was plenty of room for everyone.

We had a great day since we were able to open the garage doors and enjoy the seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors.

The Stunningly Lovely Treehouse



This absolutely one-of-a-kind Tree Top home is in the shape of an octagon, and it is brimming with alluring qualities that are sure to win you over.

This treehouse is very stunning, and it features an upgraded interior, a swim platform, three outdoor pools, and one indoor pool along with a hot tub and a sauna.

The Treehouse is located on Horseshoe Bend, close to the Lodge of Four Seasons, the Bagnell Dam Strip, golfing, and a large number of bars and restaurants located along the coastline.

This treehouse has a very nice dining room table with a bench, and it overlooks the water, so you can have your coffee there while you watch the sunrise.

This treehouse had a wonderful location and a gorgeous setting. It was wonderful to have a dock on the water and numerous balconies. The treehouse was extremely clean and comfy, and we would stay here again very much.

The quiet area was very peaceful, and it was good to get away from the hectic environment that I often live in here in Boston.

The natural scenery that surrounded the house was breathtaking. Both a family of squirrels and a family of turtles provided us with hours of entertainment as we watched them from the comfort of our living room couch.

The photographs that are featured on the website do not do credit to this location. That place is stunning in every way possible.

This was such a relaxing weekend escape, and the house was very interesting to explore! Everything was just as described on their website.

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