The Log Cabin Is Built With Families In Mind And Enchanting

Welcome to the Orchard View log cabin is yet another beautiful home located here that is ideal for families and has a view of the surrounding orchard.


This gigantic log cabin design has an attached two-car garage, a sizable living space located on the main floor, a master bedroom suite located on the main floor, and bedrooms located on the top level that are appropriate for children.

The Inside

From a higher vantage point, one can get a good look at the massive covered porch that spans the front of the log cabin. This is a great method to relax, and once you’re inside the log cabin, you may anticipate finding a calming place to live in.

This cozy living room is conveniently situated adjacent to the dining area, and it has a door that gives access not only to the back terrace but also to the back portion of the property.


This room exudes an air of comfort and coziness. We appreciate the fact that this room is linked to the other parts of the log cabin, in addition to the many windows that let in an abundance of natural light and provide ventilation for the area.

It is the ideal setting for holding movie marathons or just relaxing with those who are dear to you and your closest friends.

The Dining Table

Below you can make see the dining area, which has a large window that affords a view of the space situated just above you on the next wall.

This enormous open space is ideal for organizing get-togethers of people since the dining room, living area, and kitchen are all so easily linked to one another.


We think it’s excellent that this family has made a substantial addition to their log cabin by hanging a meaningful poem on the wall and installing a hutch for storage against the wall.

These are both wonderful additions that we believe this family should be proud of. It is equipped with everything needed to provide a pleasant atmosphere for families and a setting in which one might raise a child.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Inside the kitchen, there is also an extra seating area, which may be used either as a breakfast nook or additional seating for visitors. Because the outside of this bar island is stone veneered, it has a little bit more of that rustic flair that you really like.

Granite was used to construct the countertop, which is in keeping with the overall design aesthetic of the kitchen as well as the rest of the log cabin.


When it comes to storage, the fact that the owner of this room opted to place open and closed log cabinets in the space is something that we believe to be an excellent decision on their part. These cupboards include glass-doored front panels and panes.

In addition to its cutting-edge, all-black appliances, the kitchen itself has a considerable quantity of counter space as well as storage space.


You will be able to make use of a flat-top electric stove, a large refrigerator, and a dishwasher at this site. In addition to this, there is plenty more room for you to move around freely in the vicinity.

The Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, which is situated on the main floor, you will find a combination of white walls, walls made of wood, and ceilings made of wood. The addition of carpet on the floor adds an extra layer of warmth to the room.

log cabin

In addition to these conveniences, one of our favorite aspects of the room is the fact that it has windows on both sides of the bed and a private bathroom that is connected to it.

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

It seems that a second room on the loft level was intended to be used by young people, either as a place for them to study or as a music room. We think it’s wonderful how they’ve created extra floor space to the room by making use of the area beneath the dormer windows.

log cabin

This has allowed them to accommodate more people comfortably. This is the perfect location for some bookshelves and a chair that is suspended in the air above the floor.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

Last but not least, one of the aspects of this log cabin that ranks high on our list of favorites is the part of the basement that has been totally remodeled.

log cabin

Below, you’ll find a third area that functions as a living room, and it has shelving that is packed with video games, DVDs, and books. This is a wonderful alternative for young people to choose if they want to relax and hang out with their friends.

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