The Log Cabin Is A Sprawling Modern Take On A Classic Style

Welcome to one of the most enticing features of the wood log cabin is its location on the outskirts of Deerfield, which is another reason why we like it so much.


This spacious house is designed in the ranch architectural style, and it has a spacious great room in addition to a loft area that is on the more compact side.

The Inside

The inside of the log cabin is adorned in a number of different styles, each of which contributes to the beauty of the space as a whole.


In spite of the fact that it has been modernized to include a significant amount of country chic with antique furnishings, it has yet managed to keep some of the natural charm that it had when it was initially constructed.

The Living Area

There is not only a regular living room, but there is also this nook that is situated behind the fireplace and it gives extra seating. Additionally, there is a large amount of storage that is built into log cabinets, and there is the door that leads out to the deck that is situated at the back of the house.


To the right of the main living space is where you will find the dining nook, which has a stunning formal table as its focal point.

The highlight that we enjoy the most along the front wall of the great room is the baby grand piano, which is located to the left of the central living area and can be accessed from the entryway.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, in contrast to the rest of the house, has a contemporary design and is outfitted with specialized equipment, such as a refrigerator that has doors that are color-coordinated with the log cabinets and a range hood that has a hood that is color-coordinated with the log cabinets.


Additionally, a modern style has been used to the interior design of the kitchen. The area is likewise tiled, and it has an island that, depending on the user’s preferences, may operate either as a dining bar or as a breakfast nook.

The Dining Room

A formal dining room is a wonderful addition to any house, and this particular one has been outfitted with chairs that have been upholstered to the owner’s specifications, which contribute significantly to the warm and inviting ambiance of the log cabin.

A beautiful addition to any property is a dining room that may be used for formal occasions. When one analyzes the Deerfield log cabinet in its entirety.


It becomes obvious that the owner’s aesthetic preferences generated a great lot of thought and work on the part of the designer. This is because the owner wanted the log cabinet to have a certain look.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

On the ground level of the structure, only a few steps away from the building’s main door, you’ll find this particular bedroom, which is one of the many that are offered in the house.

log cabin

They are spacious, with enough area for a bed of either king or queen size, as well as having sufficient space for storage space.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the master bathroom has a gorgeous dual vanity arrangement, as well as a large soaking tub with a jacuzzi, all of which contribute to the establishment of an environment that is serene and pleasurable.

log cabin

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a wonderful room that has a fireplace that is concealed from view from the rest of the house and an entertainment center that is concealed from view above the fireplace.

Both of these features make the room stand out from the rest of the house. Both of these characteristics contribute to the lovely atmosphere of the master bedroom.


Wonderful attention to detail can be noticed throughout the whole of the property, but it is particularly obvious in the areas that provide a higher degree of privacy.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

Nevertheless, the cinema room that is located downstairs is without a doubt our top pick among all of the features and amenities that are included in this log cabin.
log cabin

This space is a genuine luxury, and it is particularly well suited for those who like watching movies since it is fairly comfy, and it contains a number of reclining seats that are ready for you to rest in while you watch the most current movie.

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