The Log Cabin Heart Shape Bathtub Of This Smoky Mountain

Welcome to Log Cabin if you take a peek inside this treehouse in the Smoky Mountains, you will be transported back to your childhood in an instant.


The Smoky Mountain treehouse is without a doubt the most intriguing vacation rental property that the Smoky Mountains can supply for their guests.

The Living Area

After you have navigated the doorway, the first thing that will attract your attention is the generous amount of space that is provided.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the wall that are exposed to the outside are responsible for the room’s vast sense, while the log beams and antler chandelier that are located in the room’s focal point contribute to its airiness and brightness.

This is set up for a sitting arrangement that is fantastic for entertaining guests but is also ideal for lounging around in the room on your own time. While it is great for entertaining guests, it is also good for lounging around on your own time.

log cabin

It is perfect for entertaining guests, but it can also be used for just relaxing around the room on your own time, which is another perk. The majority of outstanding rooms have an appearance like this.

However, even though they have arranged several seats and sofas in the form of a circle to create a cozier atmosphere, this area may be used for a wide variety of other reasons as well.

You could, for instance, turn it into a game room, install a minibar, or make any number of other modifications along these lines so that it feels more like an actual log cabin.

log cabin

Since fireplaces are almost usually considered to be essential components of a log home, the inclusion of such features is typically regarded as being extremely welcome within the region.

This log cabin is ideal in every way, and one of the many reasons for this is the cozy stone fireplace that is constructed into one of the walls of this property.

The instant this is placed against the wall in the living room, the seating area is instantly turned into a location that is quickly transformed into a location that is immediately transformed into a location that is cozy and inviting.

The Back Porch of the Log Cabin

The back porches offer a large amount of unused space that can be put to use to provide the members of the family with additional seating options.

log cabin

This covers both the seating area that is located on the other side of the property as well as the café set that is located on one side of the log cabin.

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