The Log Cabin Brings Comfortable Living with Old Fashioned

Welcome to Log Cabin Customers who see their dream log cabin as a log building will discover that Fairview Log Homes is the finest firm to work with to make this vision a reality. Fairview Log Cabins specializes in the construction of log cabins.


The company offers customers a wide range of personalization possibilities, a selection of appealing design alternatives, and construction of the greatest possible quality.

The Front Porch

You will become aware of the fact that your emotions for this person are growing more strong with each step that you take as you make your way up to the front porch. This will occur as you move closer to the front porch.

As you go closer to the porch, you will realize that you have an increased desire to spend more time with the person you are approaching.


This setting is perfect for a warm welcome, whether it be because of the cheery hue of the front door or the roomy porch area that provides plenty of room for swings, rocking chairs, and other forms of outdoor furniture.

Even though you will be protected from precipitation thanks to the extended roof that is positioned over the porches, you will still be able to take pleasure in the open and breezy environment that you want the most.


Because there is more than sufficient room in this area to allow chairs, swings, or even a small table, it is the perfect position from which to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening while witnessing the sunset or a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the dawn.

The Inside

The proprietors of the Roswell have done an outstanding job, across the whole of the hotel, of combining historical and contemporary elements together.


You will find cushy seats and a television right next to the traditional kitchen area, which has an ancient stove and a rock wall as the backdrop.

The Dining Table

Cathedral ceilings make it feasible to have beautiful windows placed above them, which allow in a significant amount of natural light and make the most of the space’s height. Older structures often have vaulted ceilings called cathedral ceilings.


Because the floor plan is open, it is simple to create a living room that is at once intimate and spacious. This living area may even include a dining space that is next to the kitchen. The open layout of the floor plan is largely responsible for making all of this feasible.

This setup is convenient for hosting guests or eating meals with one’s family and works quite well for both situations.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

As was said before, the kitchen is a wondrous wonder that combines components hailing from many times and locations all over the world.

The cupboards and drawers in your kitchen are made of wood, and there is a large farmhouse sink, a vintage stove, and other antique items in your kitchen. In addition to that, you have a refrigerator that is made of stainless steel, which is a pretty nice material to use.


A stunning tribute to bygone eras that, at the same time, makes use of the pleasures that contemporary living has to offer as inspiration.

They decided against going with a more complicated tile backsplash and instead went with this rock design since it gives off the impression of something that would have been there in an older log cabin.

It is only natural to equip a kitchen like this one with a farmhouse sink, which has had a renaissance in popularity in recent years as a direct consequence of the expansion of contemporary farmhouse design.

log cabin

Among all of the elements that can be found in this log cabin, the antique stove that is situated in the kitchen of this log cabin is, without a doubt, our top pick in terms of the overall experience that we had while we were there.

It’s not often that you run across something like this, and even if you do, the one you’re looking at right now is amazing on its own, regardless of whether or not you find more like it in the future.

The Upstairs  Bedroom of the Log Cabin

It’s likely that the space on the top level of the loft is not a bedroom in the strictest sense of the word, but it clearly has the potential to be utilized as a bedroom owing to its charming ambiance, substantial size, and comfortable furniture.

log cabin

It makes no difference if you transformed a loft into a game area or used it as additional sleeping space; all of these options are suitable uses for the space.

This place is really stunning, and it is also quite useful in a lot of different ways. To put it simply, you should make an effort to put it to good use!

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom is found downstairs and has a layout that is more traditional; nonetheless, it still manages to keep the same rustic beauty as the rest of the log cabin.

log cabin

Imagine being able to look out your window each morning to see this gorgeous view of the woods waiting for you to greet the day. That is utterly endearing in every way possible!

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