The Lexington Log Cabin Is A Simple Home You’ll Love

Welcome to the Lexington log cabin is a time-honored construction that offers its tenants every conceivable luxury one might want to find in a home. Traditional log walls, ceilings, and flooring.


In addition to traditional metal roofing and stone accents, come together to produce a family home that is modern while yet preserving the classic look that we are all familiar with and like.

The Inside

There is a lot to gaze at, despite the fact that there is not a lot of information offered surrounding the building of the Lexington.

If you look at the picture that was just up above this one, you’ll see that the garage is situated in the immediate vicinity of the home.

If there isn’t a breezeway connecting them, there isn’t much of a gap between the garage and the side of the log cabin; the two are quite close to one another. On the other hand, there is a chance that there is a breezeway that connects the two of them.


You will also be able to view the magnificent open deck that is situated on the front of the home, in addition to the partially covered front porch that is positioned in front of the house.

From where we are standing, I am able to see that the front porch and deck go the whole length of the front of the home, despite the fact that the back of the house is obscured from view.

If you enter the log cabin by the side door, the stairs that go to the upper level will be straight in front of you when you first step inside. The open area to your right will lead you straight into the living area as well as the big room.

From this vantage point, not only do you have a magnificent view out the windows, but you can also see how the space has been set up in a manner that makes it pleasant for day-to-day life.

The Living Area of the Log Cabin

When seen from this vantage point on the opposite side of the house, the front door can be seen along with how it opens up into the inside of the home.

It is evident that it is located in close proximity to the windowed wall and stone chimney that were visible in the first shot that was shown. This can be seen clearly.

log cabin

This room has cathedral ceilings, which are characteristic in great rooms. These ceilings open up the space and create a bigger area, which gives the sense that the home is larger than its actual square footage would imply.

Because of the high ceilings and the trapezoid windows that are situated all throughout the house, there is a significant amount of natural light that can be allowed into the home.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

In this tour of the house, the kitchen has also been emphasized as an important space to pay attention to. The kitchen is sometimes referred to as the “heart” of the home since it is not only the location where meals are prepared but also the gathering spot for members of the family and guests.

Even though there is only enough room in this kitchen for a single, rather small island bar, the fact that it is open to both the living space and the dining area makes it possible for you to easily create meals while keeping up with loved ones and friends.

log cabin

This stunning kitchen has a large amount of storage space in addition to being lined with wooden log cabinets that have a stain and trim that are consistent with the rest of the home.

The kitchen’s refrigerator and dishwasher can be found on the far left side of the room, while the stove and microwave can be found in the center of the back wall. The use of white appliances helps to maintain the design’s overall simplicity.

You could also see a larger log cabinet on the right side of the room, which is most likely used as a pantry. You can find this log cabinet there.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The image that can be seen down below depicts one of the bedrooms that is included in this property. The inclusion of vintage and antique furniture, all of which has superb woodwork and finishing, has provided this space with a classic appearance.

log cabin

This room is large enough to accommodate a bed of queen or even king size, a few tables, a comfortable lounge area, and of course a dresser and a wardrobe.

The room also has adequate space for these items. If this is the master bedroom, there is usually a closet that is hidden from view, and if it is, there may also be a bathroom that is linked to this room.

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