The Kentucky Wilson Log Cabin Is A Timeless Classic Home

Welcome to the a nutshell, the Wilson log cabin is nothing short of a magnificent log home design that exemplifies the natural beauty that can be seen in this gorgeous location.


Tennessee is a state that is well-known for its magnificent landscape, and the Wilson log cabin is a fantastic example of the natural beauty that can be found in the state of Kentucky.

The Garage

A layout that is similar to this one can be seen in the attached garage, which not only has enough for two automobiles but also has a loft area that is rather big and can be used for storage.


The small walkway that connects the two buildings is covered for your convenience, even though it is not linked to the log cabin. This action is taken to guarantee that you are in a comfortable position.

The Front Porch

Spending time on the front porch of this log cabin, which is one of our favorite places to take in the scenery, is something that we love doing often.

You will have the ability to quickly add chairs, swings, or a small bistro set to use as an extension of the home for entertaining guests and relaxing if you have a wide long covered area that spans the length of the front of the house.


This will allow you to increase the amount of space available for these activities. This will increase the amount of space that is available for you to engage in these activities.

Additionally, the porch is equipped with ceiling fans, which means that on days when the temperature is higher, you will have a wonderful breeze to keep things cool and comfortable while you rest with a glass of sweet tea.


This will allow you to take advantage of the comfortable atmosphere. This is because ceiling fans are installed outside on the porch.

The Inside

The portion of the log cabin that is designated as the living room is situated on the main level of the home and has an open floor plan.

The living room section features a stone fireplace that is positioned against the side wall of the living room area. The living room space and the entrance are straightforwardly connected.


When you look at the photo, you can see that there are stairs that go up to the loft, and of course, the open kitchen and dining area can be seen in the backdrop of the picture. It is possible to locate the stairs in this room by looking behind the couch.

There is a possibility that you may come across a “four seasons room” in addition to this particular region.


The Living Area

It is common practice to refer to the room that is located behind the entry to the right of the living room as a four-season room. This room is located opposite the living room.

A room like this may be found at the back of the log cabin. Stunning is the space in question. The windows on all sides of this enclosed space, which may be used as either a solarium or a reading room, entirely encircle the space and can be used for either purpose.


Both a tiny couch and an extra table may be accommodated within the space that is given to them. During the summer, it is the perfect area to come together with family and friends for lunch in the afternoon.

On a cold winter day, it is a great site to curl up with a good book, and during the summer, it is the ideal location to gather together with friends and family.

The Kitchen

If you are looking for a kitchen that is suitable for a contemporary chef while retaining a touch of the farmhouse style, the following website is a perfect place for you to visit to acquire ideas for your kitchen.


Not only does this island design include a bar that can be utilized as a breakfast nook, but it also provides ample storage space beneath the countertop. We feel that island designs like this one are pretty appealing to us.

Because they can make it easier to have everything on hand, the kitchen can create the appearance of being less cluttered and more organized on the inside.


The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

In addition to being contemporary, the dining area and kitchen are also designed in a manner that is evocative of rustic chic, which is a style that is sometimes seen in cabins.

There is a striking contrast between the color scheme of the kitchen, which is white and light green, and the countertops and tables that are built of light butcher block.


Incorporating stainless steel appliances into a contemporary home would be advantageous because these appliances are not only functional but also fashionable.

We like the fact that the dining nook is open and situated close to the front entry, as well as opposite the area that is next to the living room.

log cabin

This is something that we find to be quite convenient. To add insult to injury, it is spacious enough to accommodate these rustic hutches, which, if you so like, maybe stuffed with antique china furniture.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Within the master bedroom, which is located on the main level of the house, there is the possibility of accommodating either a queen-sized or a king-sized bed. Any of these sizes may be accommodated since there is enough room.

log cabin

A breathtaking panorama of the neighborhood and the community that is next to this room can be seen from each of the windows in this room.

A magnificent and spacious double closet can be found on one wall, and it is situated near the entry that leads into the master bathroom. In its entirety, the closet takes up the whole wall.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Not only does this en suite have a semi-private toilet and a huge shower with a bathtub, but it also has two separate sinks, a magnificent wide-open storage space between them, and an open storage space between the basins.

log cabin

This is a terrific location to stay. In addition, there is a single storage area that is open in the space between the sinks.

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