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The Incredible 250sqft Tiny A-frame Cabin!

The Tiny Black A-Frame is just a 15-minute drive from the historic Livingston Manor, the birthplace of fly-fishing in the United States, and, two hours from New York City. If you’re from the anywhere region you want to get out of the city or just have a staycation somewhere Catskills mountains are beautiful and where this tiny black A-frame is located is beautiful as well it is right on the edge of Jefferson lake and right now it’s all frozen over and you have a great view of the lake and even of the land across the lake such a great property.

Exterior of the cabin

This A-frame cabin is 250 square feet of living space which is not a lot at all especially for an A-frame because the walls come in and that takes away a lot of the space. This cabin has a great view of the Jefferson lake it’s very beautiful and perfect you have a fire pit on
the right side of the house.

The small patio area with a dining table and a grill.
The small patio area with a dining table and a grill.

If we take a look at the front of the A-frame this whole wall font wall is glass and beautiful and there is a small patio on the front of this cabin as well that you can sit up at the dining table for a great dinner or take a cup of coffee or tea in the morning on the right side is a grill and the string lights all around which set the tone for this place the string lights plus the black-colored window all look beautiful.

The Inside of the Cabin

Let’s go walk on the inside now and see how they use 250 square feet of living space.
The inside of the cabin is very clean and beautiful with everything in this place the wood walls and the wood floor everywhere set the cozy tone for this place the right side there is a wood-burning fireplace with a black tint design its look very beautiful for a tiny cabin stay, continue along on the right side there’s a dining table with two chairs and they leave some sparkling juice here for you which is a nice gesture but this dining table but you don’t want this dining table at all you can take the chairs away and this table folds up into the wall and since this is only 250 square feet of living space if you need the space for something else this is a great way to gain additional space.

The interior design of this cabin.
The interior design of this cabin.

The kitchen

This tiny kitchen is tucked into the snook and has a lot of appliances for the kitchen there is a mini oven to cook any food the right behind is the beautiful sink it is a black tint and very slick the next is some kitchen equipment and there is a hot plate at the bottom of these cabinets if you need to cook any food but the cabinets have all of your dishes as well and there is a little mini-fridge on the left side this is a small kitchen but it has the stuff you need.

A black & slick sink.
A black & slick sink.

The living room

On the other side of this bottom floor is the living space this is a custom-made enlarged day bed under the window it is very comfortable and cozy that you can sleep or rest in here and in the middle also has a coffee table there is storage underneath it storage is very important for tiny house and the other side there is a small bookcase right where you can hang the jacket as well and they provide some games which are always nice to have here.

A coffee table there is storage underneath.
A coffee table there is storage underneath.

The bathroom

The last part of the bottom floor is the bathroom space and it is right through this door right in the middle of this wall It is a pretty small space but it has a toilet, and shower all in one here there’s slate tiling all around this room and even on the back of the door is metal siding for the shower it is a pretty neat design for a shower space for a tiny house.

A beautiful & Modern toilet.
A beautiful & Modern toilet.

The Beautiful Tiny Loft

This loft is very charming it feels comfortable the bed is in the middle the wood walls continue up to the point, This king-size bed is very warm and this loft also has night lights on each side the window in the back and then there are some storage units underneath the bed is a small platform for additional sheets and bedding and material stuff, the other side of this loft is all open like a balcony and the view of the Jefferson lake.

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