The Hilltop Silver Log Cabin Is Sure Impress And Beautiful

Welcome to Log Cabin the Silver Valley is a magnificent log cabin that sprawls out over the side of a mountain and offers breathtaking views of the valley below. It is located in the heart of the Silver Valley.


You are going to be completely blown away by the beauty of this log cabin, which spans from the traditional log cabin paneling to the contemporary interiors.

The Front Porch

The property has covered porches that go all the way around it and provide beautiful views in every direction.


If one so wants, there is ample room on the porches to accommodate a table, a few chairs, or even possibly a bistro set. All of these are entertaining pursuits that may be done in order to unwind and loosen up.

The Living Area

As a consequence of the open floor plan design, the living area is quite spacious, light, and airy, and it also has high ceilings and plenty of room to both stretch out and rest.

On one side of the room is a fireplace that provides the warmth, and on the other side is a wall of windows that open onto one of the several covered porches that look out over the land.


Both of these features are located on the same side of the room. Views of the outside may be had from either side of the room.

We really like how cozy and inviting the space is, as well as how comfortable and up to date it still seems. In addition to the striking stonework and beautiful natural wood, this log cabin also has this feature.

Take a look at the breathtaking scenery that can be seen through the windowed walls of the building that surround you right now.


There is nothing quite like taking in a stunning panorama to inspire someone to grasp the day and make the most of every minute that they are alive.

Additionally, the openness creates the illusion that a smaller log cabin is much bigger than it really is, which is a practical illusion to create. This may be a benefit when selling a property.

The Kitchen

Despite the fact that the log cabinets in this kitchen are constructed of a light wood and that all of the equipment have stainless steel finishes, the rest of the room’s décor is designed in a more rural style.

You are going to feel a powerful pull toward the dark wood that was utilized in the building of the stools, tables, and chairs that were covered in leather. This attraction will grow over the course of the next several days.


The candle chandelier that is hanging over the table has such a charmingly retro feel, which is one of the reasons why we find it appealing. Because it is so attractive, spacious, and open, it is a wonderful spot for families, and it is also perfect for entertaining guests.

The dining table may either be left in its circular configuration so that meals with the family can be had at a more relaxed pace, or it can be readily expanded so that it can accommodate a larger number of visitors.


The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This residence has a good number of bedrooms, all of which are quite big and well-lit in their own way. Ideal for a bedroom that, in addition to a spacious bed, has either a quaint reading corner or a well-appointed entertainment center.

In addition to that, several of the rooms have their very own private doors that go out onto the porches. These porches are located on the outside of the building.

log cabin

This wonderful addition would look wonderful in a master bedroom, which is the location that we recommend the most.

A night spent indoors spending a romantic evening with the person you have been seeing would provide for the perfect environment for slipping outdoors to stare at the sky.

The First Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The contemporary bathrooms all have their very own one-of-a-kind tile patterns for the showers, and there is an abundance of storage space accessible throughout the whole of the facilities.

This is just one example of the many various types of design components that are included into the structure of the floor plan for this property.

log cabin

In addition to that, there is a little vanity in the master bathroom that has enough space below it to accommodate a stool.

This vanity is located in the same room as the main bathroom. The perfect setting for putting on cosmetics and experimenting with new hairstyles!

The Second Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Additionally, this fantastic shower has wall-to-wall tiling, a gorgeous bench seat, some corner shelves, and two showerheads, all of which work together to create the real ambiance of a spa.

log cabin

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