The Hamilton Log Cabin Includes A Covered Porch You’ll Love

The natural charm of the Hamilton log cabin makes it an ideal candidate for the role of primary residence for a young family.

This room is a great example of how the aesthetics of several of your favorite rustic log cabins can be incorporated into the design of a single stunning log cabin that is also cozy and welcoming.


It is set back from the road and has an attached garage that is big enough to fit two cars inside of it.

The Exterior

You are made to feel welcome from the time you drive up to the property to the moment you settle into the interior, and you realize that the log cabin is great for a family home or an ideal site for hosting visitors from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart.


You are made to feel welcome from the moment you drive up to the property to the moment you settle into the interior.

The idea of holding a cookout in the middle of summer with a few of one’s closest friends on a lengthy and spacious porch that has room for both a porch swing and chairs is one that practically begs to be carried out.


The Garage of the Log Cabin

The property is enhanced by the presence of a garage that is connected to the main log cabin, which is a desirable feature. How it produces a compact breezeway amid the buildings is perhaps one of our most cherished features.


While it is raining outside, it is a great relief to be able to unload groceries without having to walk back and forth in the rain, which could cause your feet to become wet. This is a very inconvenient task to have to perform while it is raining.

The Living Area

The stone fireplace that is situated on the side of the room contributes significantly to the cozy atmosphere of the home.

You have the option of converting the open loft that is situated above the main level into a second living space, or you could instead convert it into an open landing that features tables and storage space.


You can also view the kitchen through this opening on the rear of the log cabin, in addition to the entry that leads out to the breezeway that connects the main log cabin to the garage. This aperture is located in the center of the log cabin.

When observed from this vantage position, both the windows that are situated on the front of the room and the porch that is situated just outside may be seen at the same time.


An area that is cozy and welcoming, just right for unwinding in the company of your loved ones in front of the fireplace.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

On the right, you can see a dining area that is distinct from the kitchen, which is located behind this. On the left, you can see the kitchen, which is located behind this.


It is to our satisfaction that the dining room and the living room are connected, but at the same time, each of these rooms may be considered to be its distinct area.

Granite countertops are at the top of the list of desirable features in a kitchen, followed closely by stainless steel log cabin appliances, white log cabinetry,


Because it features a bar area that can easily accommodate anywhere from two to three stools, the exterior countertop is perfect for use as a breakfast nook or as a dining location for the kids.

The Dining Room

In the separate dining room, there is a lovely area with a table that easily accommodates six people and a wall of windows that allows in natural light.


This is a very bright and airy space. It is a site that is roomy enough to allow a larger table if that is what you prefer, or even just a hutch or buffet on the side wall for you to be able to offer meals to your loved ones as well as guests. This is because the location has sufficient space.

The Upstairs

A charming small nook can be found on the landing that leads to the loft located on the upper level of the building. This nook offers space for additional tables and seating.

log cabin


In addition to a couch and a chair, there is also seating available for a few more individuals here. This is the perfect spot for settling down with a good book or just kicking back and unwinding after a long day.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms come equipped with relaxation areas that are roomier and cozier than those found in the communal areas of the hotel.

log cabin


We are quite appreciative of the fact that natural light can enter the entirety of the log cabin as a result of the windows that are located in every room of the property. This is something that we are quite thankful for.

The Master Bathroom

Our favorite room in the entire log cabin is, without a shadow of a doubt, the master bedroom’s attached bathroom.

This accommodation boasts several wonderful amenities, such as a large soaking tub and a corner shower that can each accommodate a separate user.

log cabin


Additionally, this room can accommodate numerous guests at the same time. It is quite stunning, and it even has windows positioned above the bathtub so that you can take in some natural light while you are unwinding in there.

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