The Halet Home Design

This Halet home is located in Waco, Texas, United States Only 3 Minute’s Driving from Magnolia.

The Exterior

This tiny house is very gorgeous it’s definitely modern vibe with these huge windows it just beautiful 20-foot tall windows, beautiful beams, and vintage paintings, it amazing.

The interior of the Halet Home

When you walk into this tiny house first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful furniture and design style on the right side, you god a dining table in this booth area for cushion seating, and this little nook is very cozy.

In this part is your living room it’s very bright and airy all the furniture is kind of white and gold and neutral toned and of course, everything is lit up by these huge gorgeous windows and there’s even a fireplace in here a lot of the furniture in this home is imported from Europe so it is high quality and nice.

There’s the deep couch and a couple of chairs over here they even have like a booth-style seating over here on this wall and they include pictures of what Waco used to look historical photos.

The kitchen

This kitchen is very modern it is something straight out of a movie or a book or a magazine or something it’s very grand the cabinets are this deep green color and there are gold accents where there are huge appliances anywhere this island in the middle is really large there’s a couple of seating options right here as well.

This countertop is very eye pleasing there’s a huge fridge right here a dishwasher for you a microwave and even an oven they have everything you would need.

The bathroom of the Halet Home

This bathroom is incredible you walk right in you’ll notice that the tiling from the floor and the show are just gorgeous and even your vanity and then your toilet then your huge walk-in shower with the black rectangular tile.


The Bedroom of the Halet Home

This is your guest bedroom which is a massive bedroom it has two beds in here with a table right in the middle of them you have a TV up here one thing to notice look from the ceilings it has wooden beams up here and then you have a closet on this side so this is definitely a good area.

Halet home

The Master Bedroom

You walk right here there’s a king-size bed in here and there’s the closet the windows right here face the backyard and you have some nightstands on each side and this is just a simple master bedroom but very elegant.

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