The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house has a lot of windows.

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The builders at Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes never had any problems.

It is always expected of you to have homes created with quality and beauty, homes that fit into your desires.

The Myrtle Beach log house is a beautiful lakefront property designed in the traditional log cabin style and featuring a large number of windows that allow natural light to flood the interior.

It is certain to serve as a wonderful source of motivation for the interior design of your own home.

This home was built with a walkout basement that can be reached directly from the backyard, as well as a sizable covered front porch that can be reached directly from the driveway.

Both of these features were incorporated during the construction of the home.

One illustration of how beautiful the exterior of this home is is the window in the great room that is situated just above the front door. This is just one of many examples. You also have a pleasant perspective of the overall dimensions of the house itself, which is a plus.

You will get a closer look at the logs, the craftsmanship, and of course, the windows that we all adore in those log homes in the photographs that follow.

The walkout basement may be found on the lower level of the back deck of the house, which is located on the back of the property. From this position, there is a hill that leads down to the lake.

I particularly appreciate that there are walls of windows and screens on both sides of the house to create a space that is similar to a sunroom, and that there is a wide open area in the center of the house that is ideal for spending the day basking in the sun.

Both of these features make the house very appealing to me.

The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house  has a lot of windows.

As soon as you enter the building, you are greeted with the magnificent staircase that ascends to the loft level on the second floor. This staircase is located directly inside the building’s main door.

Even though the house does not have a true second story, there is space on the floor directly above the first floor that may be put to use as a home office, an additional bedroom, or even a separate living area.

The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house  has a lot of windows.

Having a main floor that has an open floor plan makes it simple and convenient to host visitors while also providing a high level of comfort. The kitchen and dining area are in a very handy location in the great room, which includes adequate space for all of your seating requirements.

The kitchen and dining area are placed just behind the sofas and chairs in the room. Because of this, it is now much easier than it ever was before to entertain guests at one’s home, whether for the purpose of sharing a meal or spending the evening snacking on appetizers and playing games.

The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house  has a lot of windows.

One of my personal favorite features that is included in this home is the stone fireplace, which also happens to be one of many other visitors’ favorites.

In most cases, a night spent in front of a fire is a pleasant and peaceful way to wind down, and this particular fireplace is truly breathtaking thanks to its stone surround and log mantle.

The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house  has a lot of windows.

The great room has doors that open up onto the rear deck, and there are sunrooms located on both the left and right sides of the deck. I just appreciate how the sunlight is able to come in through the windows and illuminate this picture-perfect scene.

One may sit here and take in the rays of the sun while reading a good book, or they could go for a stroll outside to get some oxygen and exercise.

The great room of this Myrtle Beach log house  has a lot of windows.

This home is, of course, outfitted and ready for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including, but not limited to, a fishing trip to the lake down the hill!

 Myrtle Beach

The kitchen can be found nestled away in a little alcove just inside the front entrance. It has a “u-shaped” configuration, which provides a lot of storage and cabinets space, and it also has a lot of counter space.

The granite’s dark color against the woodgrain’s lighter tone creates a stunning contrast. The contrast between the two is so striking it’s hard to believe!.

Although stainless steel appliances can certainly contribute to a more modern appearance, you most likely like a more rustic style when you’re in a cabin, where it’s more likely that you’ll be spending time.

 Myrtle Beach

They have positioned this dining table directly outside the kitchen, next to the sunroom or porch that is situated on the back side of the property. However, I find that dining in a more conventional form with a bench and chairs is more delightful.

The space is large enough to accommodate a larger table if that is your option.

 Myrtle Beach

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