The Gorgeous Colourful L-shaped Tiny House

In this episode, we will see The Gorgeous Colourful L-shaped Tiny House

This tiny house is located in Austin, Texas this tiny house is cleverly designed to maximize space, and comfort and also to bring a lot of character into the space, using a tremendous amount of color and some different design ideas.

The Exterior

This tiny house just sits on an incredible spot with a beautiful view it’s such a million-dollar view the sky is very pink surrounded by trees and mountains everywhere.

The total tiny house is about 560 square feet the first section is about 11 feet wide under that 12-foot threshold for the road and then it’s 26 feet long this side is a little bit longer to connect to the 11 by 32 feet.

The Interior

The inside of this tiny house is just very cool the ceiling is not very tall but it’s a white design it just looks open and bright the door and all these windows bring too much light into this house it feels cozy and airy at the same time.

This section is your living room space so you got a long couch right here and a coffee table right in from of that and a nightstand right behind, and then your chair it very feels comfortable.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is very spacious it has plenty of space so you got the first countertop here on the right side, you got some cabinets and drawers here and you can use this space to be a dining table as well.

On this side, is your main countertop space so in here you got a lot of kitchen utensils on the right side, you got a stovetop and then a coffee maker, your little sink with a window right above some cabinets and floating shelves, and then your full-size fridge right behind.

The Bathroom

This kitchen space is quite spacious there is a vanity space it’s very clean and sleek right next to that is your toilet and a bathtub shower this is a white design it’s very cool and feels comfortable as well.

The Bedroom

This is your bedroom space it’s quite spacious so you got a king-size bed on the middle side, and a bookshelf right behind, this bed faces the huge door so you can enjoy your million-dollar view from here as well. Tiny house

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