The Floating A-frame Cabin Escape From City

In this episode, we will see The Floating A-frame Cabin Escape From City

This floating A-frame cabin is located in Kerikeri, New Zealand, this cabin is completely off the grid, with a construction similar to a boat house.

The Exterior

This floating A-frame cabin is the ultimate city escape it sits on a beautiful property surrounded by trees and mountains the scenery is very charming and you can relax and reset your mind here.

The Exterior is stunning construction is perfect the door is so big and then you got an outdoor deck as well there is a dining table right in the middle with four chairs and two seating options.

Inside the A-frame Cabin

Everything inside this cabin is gorgeous all the furniture is beautiful, and the inside of this cabin is an open-concept design it’s bright and airy, and clean at the same time.

The first section is your living space you got an L-shaped couch right next to the wall with a beautiful floor and a coffee table where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

The Kitchen

On this side, is your kitchen space there is an L-shaped countertop so you got a sink on the right side and then a two-burner gas stove right behind that.

There are a lot of drawers and storage and your fridge underneath the countertop and then you got a circle window as well right above that.

The Bathroom of the A-frame Cabin

This is a tiny bathroom but it’s perfect in a tiny house it’s very clean and bright there is a composting toilet on the middle side with a vanity space and then your full-size shower space.

The Loft of the A-frame Cabin

This is the part of this A-frame cabin it’s very comfortable the king-size mattress is right in the middle with some pillows and then you got a window on the bedhead as well which makes this loft feel more cozier.A-frame Cabin

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