The Finest Log Cabin Will Astound With Its Stunning Wood

Welcome to the Garfield is an authentic log family log cabin that has all of the amenities that one might need, such as a front porch that is spacious enough to accommodate a porch swing and a garage that is attached to the rear of the property.


The Garfield Inn may be found smack dab in the middle of the Garfield National Forest. This piece of property is very gorgeous, and it would provide a fantastic basis upon which to build the ideal house for your growing family if you were to choose it as your building site.

The Living Area

The primary living space of the house has a lovely open floor plan, which can be found throughout the remainder of the room. This room has an inviting sitting area, a fireplace, exposed beams, and log walls on the walls of the room.

This section serves as the entryway to both the kitchen and the dining room, while the master bedroom is located near the rear of the house.


This property places a large focus on the more complex parts of its architectural design, as shown by the stone fireplace that was hand-built to order and comes complete with a handcrafted hardwood mantle.

Additionally, the home has a custom-designed staircase that was hand-built using hardwood. This room is known as “the keeping room,” and it is an exceptionally warm and inviting space that can be used not just for entertaining visitors but also for the whole family.


Behind the couch is where you will find the entrance to the kitchen, which is part of the living area. The dining table is located to the right of the kitchen, while the island can be found to the left of the kitchen. The refrigerator is located in the center of the room.

Open doors behind this area reveal the bedroom as well as the bathroom, and a magnificent set of log stairs lead up to an open loft area that has the capability of operating either as an extra sleeping space or as a great play area for children.


The Dining Room

You get a wonderful view of the door that leads out to the breezeway that connects the dining table to the nearby garage when you stand in this posture. There is a bar on one side of the kitchen island, which is one of our favorite features of the log cabin.


Another one of our favorite features is that the log cabin includes a kitchen island. This feature is spread out throughout the whole of the log cabin.

If you do not feel like setting the dining table in the usual fashion, this is the perfect spot for you to have breakfast since it provides all of the necessary amenities.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This kitchen may not have a lot of extravagances, but it is very open and light, and it boasts gorgeous wood log cabinets that were built to order and were made just for this kitchen.


A stunning log cabin that is perfect for a family to call home and that comes equipped with a kitchen that is well-suited for making meals not just for the people who live in the property but also for any guests who may come to visit.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms in the log cabin are just as beautiful, and each one has ceiling fans and exposed beams on the ceilings, both of which provide an extra layer of comfort and warmth to the space.

log cabin

In addition, there is sufficient space in the room to accommodate furniture such as a dresser, chest of drawers, or bed of either queen or king size. You will find everything you need, but none of it will make you feel confined or constrained in any way, not even one item.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

A sizable vanity with cupboards that are designed in the same fashion as those found in the kitchen can be found in the master bathroom on the main level. These log cabinets are very much like the ones that can be seen in the kitchen.

The fact that there are two sinks and two medicine log cabinets in this bathroom makes it ideal for usage by people of either gender who are staying in the building.

log cabin

The shower is without a doubt our favorite of the facilities that are offered in the accommodation. There is no question about it.

A beautiful area that was tiled to meet the specifications of the customer, complete with a hand rail and an incorporated storage cubby for shampoos and soaps.

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