The Fantastic Tiny House Boat with Charming Views

In this episode, we will see The Fantastic Tiny House Boat with Charming Views

This tiny houseboat is designed by Ugarte in collaboration with architect Drew Heath and this house named the Arkiboat was designed to be strong and lightweight and designed for life at the river.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The houseboat exterior is gorgeous it’s clean and bright and beautiful all everything on this houseboat was handmade.

The  deck it’s too hot too cold too windy it’s always too something and with this particular design, you just pull all the doors open.

The Living Room

The living room of this houseboat is very beautiful it’s quite open there is a comfy couch and a coffee table right in front and a couple of chairs so you can spend a lot of time here enjoying your coffee and beautiful scenery.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen of this tiny house is pretty unique the countertop is very charming and you got a sink right in and a cooktop and then tons of cabinets and storage as well to store your kitchen utensil.

Right above this countertop, you got a smart TV as well so you can enjoy some movies here, and right behind that is your full-size fridge.

The Bathroom of Tiny House

This is a perfect size bathroom because it’s in a tiny house there is a vanity space on the right side, with a sink, and right behind that is your toilet.

The Kit’s Bedroom

This bedroom is designed for the kids so there is a triple bunk bed it’s perfect for kids so this space can sleep three kids it’s very nice to have this.

The Main Bedroom

This is the master bedroom and this is the best room in the house it’s not a high bit so in the morning you can look out there feeling the breeze on your face and look out every view that you can 270 degrees it’s amazing. There is a king-size bed right in the middle with storage right in front of that and then you got a thousand-liter tank underneath it and you still got a full wardrobe.

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