The Family Ditches City Life For Cottage With Beautiful home

In the episode, we will see The Family Ditches City Life For Cottage With Beautiful home located in Washington, USA.

The home itself was built using just a traditional wood frame they went in and laid almost like thick chicken wire meshes a lattice over everything and then started to add concrete on top of that which gives it its very unique and organic form the shingle work in the roof line is different than most homes it’s called an oscillating sea wave roof it’s functional but it’s also very artistic in style and the purpose behind it is to create a sense of movement almost a flow kind of in the natural environment that makes it feel like it’s dropping back into its surrounding space.

The kitchen of this beautiful home

The kitchen it’s probably where we spend the majority of my time in the home it has a beautiful view again all lead glass windows look out into the front part of the property all of the cabinetry in the kitchen was handmade as well as everything, and we have this pizza kitchen fireplace and then we have a double-sided fireplace in the main den as well as a really cool.

We converted this space into our master bedroom  it originally was a garage which we didn’t really need then we converted it into a dining hall and  then we really kept looking at the space and we’re like it’s such a shame we can’t use it for more we  love the ceilings we love the tree going through.

The Master Bedroom

There’s your Master Bedroom we have a queen-size bed it feels amazingly cozy in this room we sleep really well we feel centrally located in the house by our kid’s bedrooms but also to have some privacy to ourselves had enough space in here to make it a really cool.

And then over here in a corner, we have a little office space.

The Bathroom

This is your bathroom ever we’ve got a swan back clawfoot tub we’ve got a rock wall all throughout here and in the summer months when the sun sets later in the day this entire room lights up and glows we absolutely spend about an hour a night in here for sure there’s no doubt about it um a lovely gift that gets loaded with soda water and candles and everybody knows as we hear downstairs all the time.

The Living Room

There’s your living room so you have these stones that came in from a quarry and it opens up into a double-sided fireplace this time of year, of course, we’ve got stockings for Christmas in this little nook in the back we’ve never really known what it was for possibly wood storage for the fireplace but right now you also have Fish tank over there and we decided to just not have any electronics in this room and just make it a really nice space.

This is a middle-aged boys’ room so they’ve got double bunk beds all hand carved built in so we’ve got a son that sleeps up top he is nine we have a son that sleeps on the bottom.


This is your third bedroom in this room you can see a bed and that was kind of transitional into a hangout room to have space that kind of teenager can pile up into and looks out into a hanging it looks out into the back patio.


This amazing-looking space this room as you can tell opens up into probably the highest ceilings in the home other than our master suite it’s got a queen size bed it has a faux fireplace that’s non-functioning so we have beautiful candles in it found the perfect sofa for this space.


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