The Cozy Log Cabin in the Woods Hidden

A very lovely little red cabin hidden deep in the woods. Location on Lundamo, close to the lake Storvanet in the centre of the island.




This outdoor space is large and welcoming, making it an ideal location for a wide range of various pursuits. Along a portion of the lake’s length, there is a trail that is situated so that it runs parallel to the water.


The trail has clear markers at regular intervals to indicate its bounds.

At the edge of the water, in addition to being able to swim and fish, guests may also relax on a bench, grill meals, and take in the natural beauty of the area around them.


You are welcome to make use of a gapahuk if you discover it along the lakeshore.

It is possible to find SportsNet one kilometer away from the cabin known as “Adventure Forest,” directly behind the property, where one can have a leisurely stroll.


In the midst of the woods, you’ll find a quaint little getaway known as the cabin. Calming and peaceful, with breathtaking natural landscapes all around you, this location has it everything.


The host was amazing and went above and beyond the call of duty by, for example, assisting with transportation and acquiring additional firewood.


The cabin managed to be spotlessly clean while yet being hospitable and endearing.


It’s a beautiful cabin in a setting that’s even more picturesque! The conveniences are really basic, and during our entire time, there was no water in the faucets even though.

The log cabin, the surrounding forest, and the nearby mountain





The storage room is a component of the farmhouse that is owned and run by a few people who have only recently begun working as small farmers.

The farmhouse is located in a rural area of the United States.


The ancient storage house is situated in close proximity to a number of different comforts, such as grocery stores, forests, mountains, the ocean,

And the possibility of fishing using small boats that may be borrowed from the trust that is located nearby.


This old storage structure features some essential culinary equipment, including a refrigerator, an oven, and some basic cookware.


You will have use of a rowboat that has space for three people, comes with oars, a life jacket, and some fishing equipment, and is furnished with these items as standard.


The location provides free chickens, and those hens are the type to show a great deal of curiosity toward their environment.


The Absolutely Breathtaking Setting in Which to Stay! The home has a friendly and cosy ambience, and it offers a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains in the distance.


A real hut, complete with a great deal of personality and a few rustic touches, situated in front of a vista that is merely breathtaking.


The area is breathtaking, and there is a plethora of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and exploration.

Luxury log home just outside of town





Whatever it is, every single individual in the group ought to have no trouble getting their hands on it at any point in time they see fit.


The ski slopes and hiking trails are located just a few feet away from the front door of the chalet.

It will take you approximately four minutes to reach the core business district of the city if you are travelling by automobile.



During the course of our trip, there were two families with young children, and we were relieved to discover that there were sufficient beds for all of us, in addition to a huge outside space, high chairs, and a washing machine.


Due to the fact that the cabin was completely renovated and had high-quality furnishings, travelling with a large group of people was not the least bit difficult at all.

The cabin had a wonderful setting due to the fact that it was situated in such a convenient area.

Because it was only a few minutes drive away from the heart of Rros, it was quite close to all of the action that was going on there.

We regard it as a great honour that we will have the opportunity to rent out this house on a variety of occasions and at a range of different times, and we look forward to doing so.

The house is lovely in each and every imaginable aspect that there is to be thought of.

We were in no way subjected to any form of physical or mental anguish or distress.


The entire establishment has been meticulously maintained to maintain its brand-new appearance and excellent condition throughout.

The Water and High-Speed Internet-Capable Log Cabin





The log cabin can be found in the mountainous environment, in an open space that is encircled by trees on all sides.

There is also electricity and running water available, in addition to a toilet that combusts waste instead of using traditional toilet paper.


This is the ideal alternative for those of you who have an interest in “Outdoor” activities but would prefer to avoid crowds while still gaining some type of physical activity.

If you fit this description, this is the activity for you.

A tranquil setting that is unobtrusive, out of the way, and not in the way at all.


The parking area for the cabin can be found at Torpsvagen, and from there, you can access the cabin through a quad bike trail that is around one hundred meters away from the road when you walk.


The cabin is incredibly lovely, and it gives a high degree of comfort in addition to all of the amenities that are necessary for either a long or a short visit.

These requirements are necessary regardless of the length of the stay.


There are a few paths not too far away that provide a practical and fun method to become acquainted with the gorgeous scenery that is all around you.


The time we got to spend in this quaint little cabin that felt just like home was definitely one of the highlights of our vacation and will stick with us forever.


The cabin can be found right smack dab in the middle of a forest that, much like the rest of the area around it, is quite stunning.


The natural beauty of the area is just breathtaking, and there are wonderful hiking paths, waterfalls, and plenty of lingonberries just around the next turn.

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