The Cozy home in the form of a tiny house

The tiny house is location is perfect because it is close to Hakuba but still positioned far enough away to keep its privacy, and it is located just next to the lovely Hira River.

tiny house


We stayed there during the summer, and the fact that there was only one air conditioning unit serving the entire cottage was initially surprising to us.

 In addition, we host barbecues using the facilities that have been provided to us. Hist was quite prompt in responding to my questions and maintaining communication with me.

You are provided with all you require and even more as a result of the setting, which is very peaceful and has the atmosphere of a home.

It was an incredible experience to be able to go to sleep listening to the sounds of the river and wake up listening to the sounds of nature.

The venue is spotless, very pleasant, and provides excellent service to huge groups of people.

I had a wonderful vacation there, and I thought the calming sound of the river to be one of the highlights of my time there. The location was perfect in every way.

In addition, there is a sizeable garden that extends along the riverbank, and it was in this garden that my son, his dog, and I were able to have a lovely time while we grilled food.

The house in the shape of a tiny red house casa

tiny house


While you toast marshmallows around the fire pit, take in the sights and sounds of the night sky. Lounging on the bench swing, taking in the scenery from the dining room table, or having breakfast on the deck are all wonderful ways to spend the morning.

The House in the Little Red Dress, This cozy small spot can provide you with the quality time with your family that you’ve been craving, as well as the opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Because of the thoughtful design of the home, you won’t want to leave it even if you have to.

Swannanoa is surrounded by mountains that are almost entirely untouched by human development and are stunningly beautiful. Give yourself the gift of quality time spent in the beautiful company of Mother Nature.

The kitchen is really stunning! I was able to keep an eye on everyone while I cooked, which made the most out of the well-appointed room.

In all of our years of taking holidays as a family, this has been our most enjoyable place to stay. Very restful, serene, and a short drive to both Ashville and Black Mountain, this location is hard to beat.

This was our second time staying at the Little Red Casa, and much like the first time, we had a wonderful experience each time. Excellent location, with high cleanliness, and tasteful decoration throughout.

The priavte tiny house at the Village in peace

tiny house


the secluded and cozy little house in the middle of the Village where one can go to obtain some rest and relaxation. gazing up at the stars while taking in the beauty of the night sky. A container for the wine.

The Peanut is a one-of-a-kind place that may be found right in the middle of the woods. The house is on the smaller side, but it contains everything you could possibly need, and the owners are quite cordial.

I made the decision to book a room there with my four traveling companions because the rate was lower than those offered by other nearby possibilities.

Our host was really open to our requirements and polite to boot! The accommodations are quite tidy, and there is a generous supply of towels at guests’ disposal, as was mentioned in the evaluations. I’ve decided to hold a barbecue now that the rain has stopped falling.

In terms of its attractiveness and tidiness, the setting was up to par with what was anticipated.The fact that the house was prefabricated made me a little bit nervous about living there.

It was in a lovely rural community, and it was wonderful to have access to a large stream if one traveled a little ways out of the settlement. The river was wonderful for fishing, and it was wonderful to have access to it.

It was pouring, so I couldn’t see the stars, but the lodging had its own landscape, and after I had a few drinks,

I grilled some meat on the fire plate that was in front of the lodging. Both the communication with the host and the cleanliness of the accommodations were of a very high standard.

In addition to that, the accommodations satiated my need for coziness.

The 2 private tiny house and private pool

tiny house


in addition to the two wooden homes, there is a lovely garden and a swimming pool on the property.

Because the two bungalows are being rented together as opposed to being rented separately, each of the visitors will have the option to take advantage of having their own unique space to call their own. The purchase price included both of the bungalows into the deal.

It is a tranquil and calming wooden house that is nestled in the midst of rice paddy scenery, and it features a private swimming pool for its guests.

The property will be cared for by a cleaning crew and a gardener at all times, unless the guests specifically request that they not be required to have the house cleaned on a daily basis.

The images look like they were taken right here at the spot! Cozy without being too crowded to move around in. On a busy street filled with a diverse selection of places to eat and buy, there is a quiet spot here where you can get some peace and quiet.

This location is perfect for couples because it has two different modest homes, each with one bedroom and one bathroom, that are positioned directly next to each other.

The two homes are separated by a small pool that can be used for swimming, making this an ideal spot for couples.

If you want to have a relaxed holiday but also experience night life, the location is excellent for you because the restaurants that are located in the surrounding region are fantastic for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

If you want to have a relaxing vacation but also experience night life, the location is ideal for you because of this.

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