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The Colonial Cottage Tiny House in the Nature

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In this episode, we will see The Colonial Cottage Style Tiny House in the Nature

Welcome to the beautiful Colonial Cottage Style Tiny House that was built for only eight thousand dollars and sits in a perfect place in nature.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is five meters by three meters which is 16 feet by nine foot eight the exterior of this tiny house is of native timber the roof is very old it was recycled over 120 years ago schoolhouse windows are recycled everything’s recycled.

The Interior of the Tiny House

Welcome to the inside of the tiny house you’ll feel cozy and comfortable when coming in the first section is your kitchen space and then your living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

The Kitchenette

This rustic kitchen is very beautiful and the perfect size for a tiny house the countertop is quite long you got a tiny sink in the middle and your floating shelf and then some cabinets below.

This dining area is on the same countertop as well you got a huge window right in front to let sunlight into so you can work in here as well.

The Bathroom

This is your tiny bathroom room, on the right side, is your toilet and your sink and a mirror with some bathroom utensils and on the other side is your full-size shower.

The Living Space

This living room is very interesting you’ll feel cozy when coming to this living room there is a comfortable couch next to the wall with a books shelf right behind. And you got a chair and mirror and then your loft storage space above that as well to store anything and right behind that is your fireplace area to make this house feels cozier.

The Loft of the Tiny House

This is your loft space it not too big but it’s the perfect size for the tiny house you got a king-size mattress in here and some space and then you got a skylight window as well it’s perfect. tiny house

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