The Classic Log Cabin Design And Enchanting

Welcome to the Big Bend log cabin is a magnificent depiction of the original architecture of log cabins; yet, it has been modified to add contemporary comforts that will make your daily life more comfortable. This house can be found in Big Bend.


In addition to being the perfect setting for rest and relaxation on special occasions, it also fulfills the requirements of this role in an admirable manner on a daily basis.

The Front Porch

Your attention is instantly drawn to the gorgeous woodwork that can be seen all over this log cabin the minute you walk onto the front porch and enter the grounds. You can see it anywhere you go within this house.

To get the rustic and traditional appearance of a log cabin in the finished product, an excellent stain protectant was used throughout the building process, and the raw logs were hand-hewn.


Both of these steps were taken. Because there is sufficient space for two seats, you won’t have any problem finding a position on this porch where you can kick back, relax, and take it easy on any given day.

The Inside of the log Cabin

When you first enter the log cabin, you are greeted with the outstanding log work that has been accomplished on the structure.


The inside of the house, including the walls, the ceiling, and the accents, are all constructed of log, which brings the outer aspect inside and completes the stunning log design that you like so much.

The Living Area

The entryway is spacious and open, and on each side of it are stairs that go either down to the basement or up to the loft. On the ground level, there is a bedroom that may be found on the other side of the doorway from where it leads into the hallway.

The photograph’s left foreground has a fireplace that can be seen in the great room, which can be seen in the image. The main door of the log cabin is directly opposite the great room, which is located in the center of the house.


This amazing location perpetually gives out an overwhelming amount of charm and coziness to anybody who comes here. You have access to a large area that emanates a rustic charm owing to the presence of a stone fireplace on one of the walls and great room windows on the other side.

You can find this space in the great room. Both of these characteristics are located on the rear wall of the room. Something about the installation of a chandelier made of antlers in the middle of the room is something that speaks to both of us on a deep and personal level.

The point of entry to the ceiling is provided by the very top of the chimney, which consists of yet another wood addition. In addition to that, the stone fireplace has a wood mantle that is integrated into the structure of the fireplace.


On the main level, there is a bedroom and a bathroom; the bedroom can be found to the immediate right of the fireplace, while the bathroom can be found down a short corridor. Both of these rooms are accessible from the main hallway.

Through these exquisite wooden archways, one may enter both the dining room and the kitchen from the area that is situated behind the great room.

This is possible because to the layout of the interior. Despite the fact that the floor plan of the house is open concept, it is still possible to enjoy some degree of seclusion thanks to the walls that comprise the log cabin.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen in this property is extremely spacious and open, and it has dark oak log cabinets, stainless steel equipment, and a large island in the center that offers seating in addition to a large number of storage compartments.


This kitchen has a contemporary appearance; nonetheless, it manages to have a rustic sense because to the log walls that are integrated into the backsplash. This is accomplished by using natural materials. This is something that piques our interest tremendously.

This adds to the feeling that the kitchen is a natural extension of the rest of the house and assists to strengthening that image.


The Upstairs Bedroom

The fact that the loft has an open floor plan in the bedroom is likely another one of our favorite aspects of the space.

log cabin

We are major supporters of the concept of using it as an open loft bedroom similar to the one that is represented above, but it could also be utilized as an extra den or family room if that is more your style.

This loft is amazing and spacious, with room for everything you could ever want, as well as open areas that allow views down into the great room and entryway of the log cabin below.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

There is not a single location that does not meet the standards set for either comfort or attractiveness. The bathrooms in this property have a more rustic vibe to them, yet they create lovely places that serve a utilitarian purpose despite their appearance.

log cabin

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