The Charming Shipping Container Home Design

In this episode, we will see The Charming Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living

This South Coast Container House has been sustainably constructed using four shipping containers and has also been extended to enclose communal spaces. At 95 square meters (1000 square feet) this home is capable of sleeping 10 people and has been divided into a main 85 square meter home, with an additional 15 square meter sleep-out made from a single 20ft shipping container.

The Exterior

The Exterior of this shipping container house is pretty beautiful it just looks massive the wood combination with this steel it’s perfect and surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery it’s such a perfect place to relax and vacation.

The Living Room

This living room is pretty spacious there is a comfy couch right here in the middle side, with these pillows and a couple of chairs right behind that so you can sit here and enjoy the beautiful property on the outside, as well.

Right behind this couch is your dining area the is a huge dining table with these comfy chairs so you can enjoy your meal here.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is looking pretty cool it’s quite spacious there is an island on the middle side, and a long L-shaped countertop there is a little sink right here behind this full-size fridge and some storage and cabinets, and these floating shelves right above and underneath this counter.

The Kid’s Room

This is a kid’s room it’s pretty tiny but still give four kids to sleep here for easy there is 2 bunk bed with this comfy mattress so it’s a dream room for the kid.

The Bedroom

This bedroom is a pretty minimalist design you got a queen-size bed on the right side, with these pillows and a huge window right behind so it lets a ton of light in and makes this tiny room feel cozier.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very large there is plenty of space here you got a vanity on the right side, with this storage underneath, and your toilet and then your full-size shower space right across from this side.  

The Second Bedroom

This bedroom is a similar design to the first one you got a little bed right here with these huge windows so you can overlook your property and right behind that is your storage.

The Third Bedroom

This bedroom is similar to the other two but this bed is bigger than the other one.

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