The Charming Rustic Home In The Snowy Mountains

In this episode, we will see The Charming Rustic Home In The Snowy Mountains.

The charming rustic home in the snowy mountains
This rustic home is located in Black Hawk, Colorado, United States it’s just 30 minutes from Boulder Colorado, and about an hour outside of Denver, it’s not too far from the city.

This nice walkway way leads you down to your rustic home

This cabin is super beautiful the different textured and colored wood on the outside is very cool and the beautiful colored front door.
This is a wraparound deck that can lead to the back part of the deck, you got a grill and a few seating options and you just sit out here in summer and overlook everything that this place has.

The Inside of The Rustic Home

Inside of this house is very luxurious and modern everything is very nice, this house will make you feel relaxed and cozy its open concept design.

The first thing on the left side is your coat rack and you can put your shoes here there’s a lot of space for that and right next to this is a little closet to keep any additional stuff.

Rustic home

The Guest Bedroom The Rustic Home

This is a guest bedroom it’s very bright and airy a queen-size bed in the middle with two nightstands on each side, the mirror is very nice and is super modern looking.

On this side is your closet and your tiny bathroom it’s very superb there is a vanity next to the wall with a huge sink and the clean and sleek toilet and behind this is your shower it is very nice.

The Main Kitchen Area

This main kitchen area is very beautiful and bright all appliances are a modern vibe there’s an island in the middle with a deep and sleek sink and a lot of cabinets underneath.

On this side, is your fridge with the cabinets right behind and you got a pantry over to the left of this and there are all of the kitchen amenities you need. This dining table is a very beautiful and stylish design with four seating options and right behind that has a lot of windows to get the sunlight into this home are very bright and charming.Rustic home

The Living Space of This Rustic Home

This living room is a very modern and cozy vibe there is an L shape couch in the middle it’s very comfortable with a coffee table and a chair for you to enjoy the morning tea or coffee. There is a TV it’s very large and right below that is your fireplace which adds to the coziness of home the cool thing is the little shelf under the TV is a very cool piece of wood.

The Loft of The Rustic Home

This loft is very cool for your kid there are a lot of books and games for the kid to enjoy with it and overlooks the living room area it’s so beautiful.Rustic home

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is very spacious and bright there is a king-size bed in the middle and below this bed is a seating option and of course, you got a TV in a fireplace it’s very beautiful. On the left side of that are some seating areas and right behind that you got a wet bar
which is very cool with a sink and dishwasher.

The Master Bathroom

This master bathroom is super spacious there is plenty of space the first is your vanity which has a double sink it’s very clean and below that are a lot of cabinets. The back side is your walk-in shower is very bright and modern the tile is super beautiful and right behind that is your toilet.

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