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The Charming Block House Shipping Container

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In this episode, we will see The Charming Shipping Container Block House

This house it’s called the block house because it looks like there are building blocks that make up this home and it was built and designed by the hosts. This house is 1500 square feet of living space three bedrooms two and a half baths and it can sleep up to eight guests it is very beautiful.

The Exterior

The exterior of this house is very unique it’s a gray metal on the bottom you have white metal up on top which is the perpendicular piece.

The Living Space of the Block House

When you walk inside this is the largest area of the home it is an open-concept design you got a comfortable leather couch right next to the wall and right across from that you have an electric fireplace and mantel and a TV.

The Kitchen of the Block House

The kitchen of this house is quite spacious the right side is the dining area and the left side is your huge kitchen space with beautiful green cabinets.

On this side, is your island there are four brown leather seats wrapped all around it, and got your cabinets over here on the other side, and of course all the cabinets around.

There is the main countertop space you got a huge and deep sink in the middle and a lot of cabinets below and then your stovetop with an oven and then your full-size fridge.

The Bathroom of the Block House

This bathroom space is quite spacious there is a little sinks that are green and right next to that are your toilet and vanity right above it.

The First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom on the main floor it is the smallest out of the three in this entire cabin you have a queen-size bed in the middle with some small walkways on both sides.

The Main Bathroom

This is your main bathroom space it is quite spacious and bright and modern you got a vanity with some cabinets below and a full-size shower and you also have a bathtub as well.

The Second Bedroom

This bedroom is located on the upper level you got a king-size bed right in the middle with artwork on the bedhead and two windows and the best part is the loft space it’s a nice place for your kid.

The Bathroom

This is the last bathroom of this house you have the green tiling that takes up this entire wall there is a vanity with a nice white countertop.

The Outdoor Space

The first thing on the outdoor space is your hot tub and then your outdoor shower and then the best part is your rooftop deck you have some more seating options with a gas fireplace in the middle it’s awesome to have. This is your fire pit area you got a fire pit right in the middle and even five chairs for you to relax in here.Block house

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