The cabin is a wonderful, tranquil retreat.

The Cabin is located in the. The cliffside retreat is situated on eight wooded acres and is located just outside the town of Narrowsburg. It can be reached from New York City in a little over two and a half hours.




Our vantage point provides a glimpse over the Delaware River and game lands in Pennsylvania on the opposite side of the river.


This home is the perfect vacation for any time of year, as it is nestled in the foothills of both the Western Catskills and the Poconos Mountains.


It was incredibly pleasant, and there was no stress involved in any part of it. The view from the balcony was breathtaking in its splendor and ability to captivate the eye.


By a wide margin, this has been the loveliest, and it is the only one that we are discussing returning to the next year.


The location was spectacular in every way. Absolutely spotless, serene, and silent across the entire building. The children had a wonderful time because the house was stocked to the brim with toys and the surrounding scenery was breathtaking.


There is nothing missing that would make your stay more comfortable or enjoyable.


A lovely residence with a relaxing atmosphere and a breathtaking panorama. Our family, which consists of three small children, had no trouble adjusting to the environment and enjoyed the various toys and services offered to youngsters.


Everything is exactly as it seems in the listing, and it is even more substantial than the photographs suggest.

This cabin was really cool, cute, clean, and fun!





At this exciting and unusual place to stay, guests may take in breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.


The comfortable queen bed, pull-out couch, pool table, and cozy fireplace can all be found in this roomy saloon that only has one bedroom.


At this mountain refuge, you may relax in the hot tub filled with saltwater or sit by the fire pit and enjoy the night sky.


We had a great time using the pool table, the hot tub, the swings, and everything else! The home was outfitted with all of the fundamentals as well as a plethora of endearing details.


Even if Ashley lives on the property, there is no indication that she does. She was an incredible host, and the entire week had the feeling of being held in complete confidentiality.


This apartment was adorable, incredibly nice, and just plain pleasant to hang out in. The residence provided us with all that was required.



The sights were really breathtaking! The actions that Ashley took were quite kind and considerate on her part.


It includes a jacuzzi, swings, rockers, and picnic tables, among other amenities. You will not be sorry that you rented this property.


The scenery was really stunning, the towns in the area were quaint, and the bar was inviting!



The grounds are kept in immaculate condition, and there are some stunning views from the property. We were delighted at the opportunity to sit in the backyard and take in the peaceful atmosphere of this property.


The Hobbit Cabin





The beauty of the night sky while taking use of all the comforts that a quaint cabin has to offer.

The breathtaking panorama of the starry sky was without a doubt the most remarkable feature of this place.

The Hobbit Cabin is a fantastical haven that draws in people who enjoy being outside as well as those who are looking for interesting new experiences in equal measure.

Enter a world that is evocative of a storybook, where every nook and cranny oozes the enchantment and mystic attraction of the much-loved hobbits, and step into a world that is reminiscent of a fairytale.

This picture-perfect retreat offers visitors a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience by combining the tranquillity and seclusion of the surrounding forest with the warmth and cosiness of a sanctuary that has been meticulously constructed.

Prepare to be fascinated as you enter the Hobbit Cabin by its round door and earthy tones, both of which are reminiscent of the wonderful world that J.R.R. Tolkien imagined.

The interior offers a combination of rustic aesthetics and modern comforts, which produces an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting, your stay will be nothing short of fantastic due of this combination.

Every detail, from the cozy and comforting hearth to the aged furniture, has been painstakingly chosen to provide a sense of calm and an authentic connection to the natural world that is immediately surrounding the structure.

The Hobbit Cabin guarantees an unparalleled getaway that will whisk you away to a place where enchantment, peace, and tranquility coexist in perfect harmony.

This holds true regardless of whether you are heading away for the weekend or attempting to locate some calm and serenity in the midst of the frenetic activity of city life.

Phoenix’s Bubbly Little Cabin





The chirpy and cozy home that belongs to Phoenix, hidden away in the heart of that enchanted woodland


Those who are looking for peace and quiet away from the commotion and noise of the outside world can find it in a whimsical hideaway that is encircled by a kaleidoscope of bright vegetation and towering trees.


When you approach the warm and inviting exterior of the cabin, the sun will cause the brilliant stained glass windows to twirl and swirl, casting ethereal patterns on the porch’s wooden surface.


Visitors are enticed to come here with the promise of having pleasant gastronomic adventures by the scent of freshly baked goodies that are wafting through the air.


When you step inside, you will be met by little nooks that are adorned with plush cushions and warm blankets. These nooks will beckon you to burrow into their reassuring embrace as soon as you step inside.


Every square inch of Phoenix’s cabin is crammed to the gills with unique artifacts and trinkets that he has amassed from his travels all over the world, and each one has its own fascinating history.


In this entrancing hideaway, time seems to stand still, and problems seem to melt away, allowing you to rediscover the straightforward pleasures of life while being encircled by the beauty of nature.

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