The cabin is a wonderful location to unwind.

The cabin is a wonderful location to unwind. If you are looking for a place to relax that is quiet and pleasant and that also makes a good home base from which to enjoy activities like hiking, then you have found the right place.




The building was designed and built in the modern Podhale style, and it features two comfortable bedrooms, a living area with a sofa and a kitchenette, two bathrooms, a sauna, a Russian bathtub with a Jacuzzi, and a large variety of facilities that are placed outside.



We give each guest our entire attention, and we spare no effort to make their time here as pleasurable as it possibly can be.


Contrary to what was stated in the description of the property, the fee of the reservation did not cover the first use of the hot tub even though it was advertised as being included.


The members of our family took the images that are available for viewing on our profile while we were travelling to various local areas of interest on family vacations.


The setting was quite stunning to look at. The location is breathtakingly gorgeous and romantic, making it great for couples but also serving as an excellent place to relax and unwind.


We had a wonderful time in the private sauna, but the outdoor hot tub was where we spent the majority of our time during our stay.


During their visit, the homeowners made sure that their guests had a good time by catering to all of their requirements in order to create a comfortable environment for them.


The cabin was perfect, and we had a great time there; the personnel was kind and helpful; and they met all of our needs without any hassle or difficulty. It turned out to be a very fascinating and trustworthy journey.

The Holiday Cabin with an Outdoor Jacuzzi and Fireplace




Vacation homes that are both romantic and opulent can be rented in an area that is immediately adjacent to the ski run and is characterized by its lovely natural setting.


In a setting that can only be described as a dream and is unparalleled in the Feldberg region.


Our three log cabin chalets, each with around 184 square meters of living space and spacious terraces with expansive views, are situated in the heart of the natural park in the Southern Black Forest.


The cost of the hot tub is not included in the reservation ticket, however it can be reserved on location for an additional 200 euros!


The Cozy log house in a region with a lot of natural scenery nearby. House that is both well equipped and clean.


A very high-quality machine for brewing coffee! Although there is enough space for 8 people, the soundproofing in the rooms is subpar, and the floor on the top floor makes an annoying creaking sound.


It provides you with everything you require for your trip, and everything in the house actually functions properly.


After a strenuous day of hiking, you’ll be glad you stopped by the sauna and especially the hot tub.


The house is stunning, and in person it manages to live up to all the hype it received from the online photos.


There was a significant amount of snowfall, and the weather was really pleasant. The property has very nice and spotless facilities available for guests to use.


The view from the hot tub is spectacular, taking in the entire Black Forest.


The home provides everything that could possibly be desired, as well as sufficient space for up to 14 people to live in comfort while they are there.

The Warm and Friendly Raisa Log Cabin in Bucovina







The cabin is in a very remote location, being the final property in the little community of Valea Moldovei.

There are no other structures in the immediate vicinity, and it is encircled on three sides by trees.


At this cabin, there is a little pond, a natural well that provides potable water, barbeque facilities, and a stream that is just across the road.


the property would include tranquillity, clean mountain air, the rustic wooden cottage, and the amenities.


This is a log cabin. We were welcomed by a kind and friendly family who showed us around the beautiful cabin they had to offer.

From within the cabin, we could also hear the birds singing to one another.

We will most certainly return to this hotel next year if our travels take us to Romania.


This location is wonderful in every way! Very secluded, and you won’t have to worry about being bothered by anything. It was spotless, warm, and had everything else one could want.


The area is precisely as described and depicted in the photos, and the host is really kind and helpful.


The host was fantastic and assisted us with anything we required. Additionally, each evening, we were given a bottle of afinata and snacks made from our own resources, which was a nice touch.

The Cabin and its surrounding hills are really breathtaking.







The Cabin, you will be met by a beautiful open-concept living space that has a ceiling and floor that are both full height.


The windows reach the ceiling and provide a wonderful view of the mountains that are in the surrounding area.


for a night of complete relaxation, sink into the luxurious depths of the fashionable L-shaped sofa suite, and make yourself at home in front of the fireplace.


The eating room boasts edgy, colourful seats that can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests and is arranged to take full use of the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains.


The kitchen is well-appointed for regular usage, with a dishwasher, a refrigerator that combines a freezer and a fridge, an oven, and a stove that uses induction cooking technology.


The sleeping accommodations are equally spectacular and well-presented, and they consist of a roomy Master Double bedroom with a luxurious en-suite bathroom, a second double bedroom, and a pleasant Guest bedroom with twin joinable beds.


The luxurious cabin features a designated parking spot in the garage, as well as a private garden, deck, and barbecue area. In addition, for your comfort and convenience, we offer free WiFi.


This cabin is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends while also getting a taste of the real Switzerland on your vacation.


The road is in good condition, there is only room for one vehicle in front of the property because of its placement.

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