The cabin has a view of the mountains and a quiet night sky.

This cabin, which has a living space of 2,800 square feet, is perfect for functioning either as a home base from which to launch expeditions or as a peaceful retreat near to the woods.




The “Moose” Chalet at St. Mary’s is located about an hour and a half outside of Denver, and it provides guests with stunning views of the mountains that are located in the surrounding area in addition to peaceful nights that are filled with stars.



A number of naturally occurring hot springs can be found within the Indian Springs Resort.

You might also go for a drive up Mount Evan’s, which is notable for having the title of being the paved road that is located at the highest elevation in all of North America. Mount Evan’s is situated at an altitude of 14,200 feet above the standard sea level.


Toys that were entertaining for the kids could be found in the room designated for them, and the kitchen had everything we could possible need. The pinnacle of homeliness and serenity at its finest,


Each and every detail is magnificent, and the convenience and comfort of the guests are meticulously considered throughout the entire process.


It is a delightful place to stay, and the interior design and furnishings are wonderful examples of how well a rural setting can be complemented by modern touches.


Hiking along the trails was an incredible experience. The vast majority of our meals were consumed inside the house, which not only offered sufficient room but also all of the essential conveniences that were required.


The physical location was extremely comfortable, and it provided all of the amenities that we required for the duration of our time there. Joel’s response time was lightning fast, and he was really helpful.


The interior of the home is pretty cozy and toasty, and the house itself is quite stunning. The best possible example of a fireplace.


Mountain Cabin in the Heart of the Woods





In the middle of the rugged mountains is where you’ll find the Relax. At an elevation of 10,700 feet, you’ll find this quaint home tucked away in the woods.


Spend your time on the deck taking in the scenery and the warm morning sun, or make yourself comfortable in front of the wood burning fireplace and watch the snow fall.


We are surrounded by world-class opportunities for activities such as skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, white water rafting, off-roading, and fly fishing.


Approximately one acre of property surrounds this rustic cabin.


Evergreens and aspens grow to great heights all around the property. Due to the fact that this home sits at the end of a road with no access to any other streets, there are very few neighbors and very little traffic.


This house is located in close proximity to Breck, it exudes an inviting rustic Danish chalet vibe, it includes a well-stocked spice rack, and a deep wine rack.


The kitchen had a good supply of utensils and other items, which made it quite simple for us to prepare our own food. Everything was spotless, the scenery was breathtaking, and the atmosphere was relaxing and inviting.


The interior of the house had a friendly and cozy atmosphere, as if it had been lived in.


It really is a Warm and Inviting Cabin Situated in the Center of the Mountains!


It was extremely good that we could all have our own space, as there was plenty of room for us to all do so. It is without a doubt a recommendation of mine to pay a visit to this magnificent house.


The view that could be seen through the main level’s enormous glass windows was breathtaking.


This location couldn’t be more ideal! This is my second trip travelling all the way from Texas to stay in this lovely log cabin.


The cabin has a spacious deck with a woodland view all around it.




You are cordially invited to Cedar Cove, where a lovely off-grid tree house set on 20 acres is waiting for you to explore and discover everything it has to offer.


The treehouse is surrounded by a spacious terrace that provides breathtaking vistas of the surrounding forest and sky. The outside space features a stone fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a furnished screened porch, and a calming stream. Additionally, there is a fun yurt.


The Treehouse is nestled into the slopes of the forest, and it features a lofty platform that looks out over the primary cove.


It is designed in the form of a studio apartment and includes a loft sleeping area, a full bathroom with a rain head shower, and a convertible sofa that can be used to curl up on during chilly evenings in front of the fireplace.


This location is wonderful. Our visit has been wonderful, and the accommodations are just as described in the photos.


This location offers a good give away in exchange for its tranquility. It’s perfect in every way.


This location was nothing short of wonderful in every way! The treehouse, the ability to cook outdoors, the yute, and the fireplace are what set this location apart.


The scenery was breathtaking and quite calming.


The environment was immaculately tidy and very aesthetically pleasant. Even a little something sweet was left behind by Beth and Nick.


We had a wonderful time working with Beth and Nick, and we enthusiastically encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of this wonderful cabin.


The cabin was just how it had been described. Very adorable and homey, and the screened-in location just downstairs was one of my favourite features.

In the cabin, you can unwind and enjoy nature.





A warm greeting from the High Falls Inn! The Loft is a newly refurbished barn with a spacious, open layout ideal for unwinding in a tranquil rural environment.


Inspired by the ‘Loft’ but with a ‘country chic’ twist achieved by fusing traditional farm elements with urban details.


You can see Mohonk Mountain and the Tower year-round from the large windows in the living area, as well as our 1800s dairy barn.


The Loft has both a shared patio with a fire pit and a private, screened-in porch with its own seating area.


kitchen, dinette, etc. The single bathroom is quite luxurious, with a spacious walk-in tile shower.


One of the sofas converts into a queen-size bed for extra guests.


While there were a few minor difficulties with hygiene, we nevertheless had a pleasant stay.


The location was convenient for getting to Kingston and the nearby Mohonk trails.


After a few days of taking showers in the sulfurous water, it can become unpleasant.


The facility impressed us with its tidiness and quality of furnishings.

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