The Birchwood Log Cabin Is A Beautiful Design

Welcome to the terms of design, the Birchwood log cabin is an excellent illustration of a layout that perfectly captures the ease and comfort of a family log cabin.


From the extra-large garage that is located next to the apartment on the second floor to the walkout basement that is situated below the home, this property shouts comfort and the idea of spending weekends with the family together.

The Inside

In the following snapshot, which depicts the doorway, there is a lofty ceiling, a spectacular chandelier, and an entrance closet that can be seen by glancing to the right of the frame.

Both of these features can be seen in the photograph. It is quite stunning to look at the entranceway. Even though they have done an outstanding job of personalizing the place, the natural wood and open space are the major sources of beauty on this site.

The Living Area

This log cabin’s living area is spacious, inviting, and attractive, and it was constructed to create a pleasant atmosphere for its inhabitants from the very beginning.

The fireplace that is located in the corner of the room was constructed to produce a pleasant atmosphere for the people who are using the area, even though it does not take up a significant amount of space.

You have two choices: either you could install the television on the wall above the fireplace, or you could relocate the television to the wall and replace the large clock.


Both of these solutions are open to you. The fireplace is located on the ground floor, regardless of the circumstances that may be present.

In the same space, which is located behind the living room, you will find both the kitchen and the dining area set in their respective locations.


The dining table that includes storage space, as well as a “buffet” area that is placed on the wall behind the dining table, can be seen in this picture.

The banquet area is positioned behind the dining table. In addition, here is the location where the doors that go to the decking and balcony, both of which are situated on the side of the log cabin, are opened.

The Kitchen

It is possible to utilize this island in the kitchen as a breakfast bar, or it may simply be used for preparing meals and storing them. Both of these options are available. These two choices are both up for consideration.


Due to the use of a variety of materials, including black, wood, and stainless steel, this log cabin has a contemporary but eclectic rustic design.

This is because the materials are used throughout the region. One other aspect of this property that we particularly like is the fact that it has this particular feature.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

We can show you two of the three bedrooms that are located in the log cabin, including the one that seems to be the master bedroom or the main bedroom. There are three bedrooms on the property.

log cabin

There is, without a doubt, nothing that more firmly conjures up the sense of a log cabin than the bedframe that is constructed of wood, and this specific bedframe is by the style that is associated with log cabins.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

One of the things that gives the master bathroom a touch of a rustic look is the exquisite wood grain that has a gray tint that is very unique. Among the many great characteristics that this bathroom has, this is one of them.

log cabin

The completeness of the shower is achieved by the installation of tile flooring in a contemporary design. The design is breathtaking, and it radiates an atmosphere that can effectively mix aspects of both contemporary and rustic styles.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

In addition to this, it is of the utmost importance that we make certain that we inspect the walkout basement that is located underneath them.

log cabin

There are several aspects of this area that we like, including the comfortable couch, the television that is mounted on the wall, and the room that can be used for a variety of activities, including watching sports, playing games, or hosting a function with the children.

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