The Birchwood log Cabin Is A beautiful Design And Enchanting

The Birchwood log cabin is a magnificent building that magnificently exemplifies the idea that a log cabin should be a warm and welcoming place for a family.


With its walkout basement, extra-large garage, and apartment on the second floor, it is apparent that leisure and quality time spent with the family were primary considerations during the design process of this log cabin.

The Exterior

The selection of light wood ensures that the appearance of this log cabin, even after its occupants have made it their log cabin for years, will always be fresh and up to date.

Just look at what a beautiful entrance hall you have in your home! This particular home, in contrast to a number of the others that we have presented, does not have a huge front porch that we have shown you.


 Instead, it has a walk-out basement with covered patio areas, a nice-sized balcony, and a deck on the side that looks out over the property and overlooks the property. In addition, the property is visible from the balcony and deck.

About The Log Cabin

One of the aspects of this property that we truly take advantage of and appreciate is the walkout basement.

It provides the impression of being considerably larger than its real size, which is around 3,000 square feet, due to the covered areas that are located on the side of the log cabin and the rear of the property.


In addition, the walk-out basement gives you an additional entry that can be utilized for either additional visitors or for a grown child who is still residing in the same log cabin as their parents.

The Inside

In the foyer, which also has high ceilings and, to the right of the image below, a closet that serves as the entryway, there is a stunning chandelier hanging from the high ceiling in the area that serves as the foyer.


They have done a wonderful job of personalizing the area, but the natural wood and the open space are what make it stand out as being lovely.


The Living Room

The living area of this log cabin was certainly designed with relaxation in mind because it is roomy while still being warm and inviting.

The warm and inviting fireplace that can be found nestled away in one of the nooks of the room does not take up a significant amount of space, but it was constructed with the convenience of its use in mind.

If there is a fireplace on the bottom, the television may be mounted above it; alternatively,


The television can be moved to the wall, and the large clock could be changed. If there is a fireplace on the bottom, the television can be mounted above it.

The Dining Table

In the back of the living room is where you’ll find both the kitchen and the dining space. A “buffet” area can be found on the rear wall of this room, and you can see the dining table that has storage underneath it.


Additionally, this is where the doors that lead out onto the decking and balcony run along the side of the log cabin. These doors are located here.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

There is an island in the kitchen that can either function as a breakfast bar or be used exclusively for food preparation and storage.


The use of black, wood, and stainless steel in the area contributes to the log cabin’s remarkable appeal by creating a contemporary appearance yet has elements of an eclectic and rustic style.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

We are only able to show you two of the log cabin’s three bedrooms, but one of those bedrooms has a space that appears to have the potential to function as the master bedroom.


First and foremost, nothing screams “log cabin” quite like a wooden bedframe, and this particular one is fashioned to fit that specific look.

The Master Bathroom

The beautiful wood grain in the master bathroom has a one-of-a-kind gray coloring to it, which lends the space a touch of a country feel.

log cabin


On the other side, the shower features more contemporary tiling. It has a wonderful design that can give off the impression that is both classic and modern at the same time.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

In addition, as the very last stage of the process, we will have to investigate the walkout basement that is located downstairs.

It has a squishy sofa, a television that is mounted on the wall, and plenty of space for playing games, watching sports, or hosting a party with the kids; all of these things are hallmarks of the 1980s, which we enjoy.

log cabin


The space also has enough of space for playing games, watching sports, or holding a party with the kids. I also really like that there is sufficient room in it.

A laundry room and a half bathroom can be found in the basement of the property, which also contains the residence’s additional storage space.

This large laundry room has a sink and a toilet for meeting your fundamental hygiene requirements, in addition to the shelves and storage space that are included.

log cabin


In addition to that, there is an adequate amount of space available on the ground floor. A wonderful enhancement for the subterranean space of any residential property, be it the basement or the cellar

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