The Big Sky Log Cabin Features Of Windows And High Ceilings

Welcome to the Big Sky Log Cabin is a magnificent example of the kind of log home that can be produced by Log Homes; in fact, the log home itself bears the name of the company. The Big Sky Log Home can be found in Big Sky, Montana.

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The company is in the business of manufacturing log home kits, which it then makes available for purchase on its website before delivering the finished products directly to construction sites located throughout the United States of America.

The Living Room

When we approach the house through the double doors, we are greeted with the sizable living room that is located on the first floor. The way out of the house looks like this.

The impressive exposed beams and vaulted ceilings of this area create the impression that you are in a cathedral.

log cabin
The fireplace, which is typical for a log home and is appropriate given that it serves as the primary center of attention in the room, is a work of art that was painstakingly fashioned out of stone. Because of this, the fireplace serves as the primary center of attention in the space.

You can form in your mind a mental image of what the house will appear to be like once it has been constructed and after you have moved into it after it has been constructed.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The general appearance of this kitchen, which is a contemporary take on the aesthetic of a farmhouse, is one of the things that we appreciate best about it.

You can obtain an aesthetic that is not only attractive to the eye but also clean, and this will assist in opening up the space by selecting white log cabinets and open glass front log cabinets for the log cabinets in your kitchen.

log cabin
Additionally, in the morning, in addition to functioning as a location to work, the central island in the kitchen can also serve as a dining area.

Not only will the stools help you to liberate more room in the dining area, but they will also be perfect for the children to use in the morning when they are having cereal because they will be at the perfect height for them.

Another photograph provides a somewhat more in-depth look at the open space, and when viewed from this angle, it reveals a portion of the kitchen.

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